New HGTV Series “Backed by The Bros”

Key Takeaways:

– The Scott twins are launching a new HGTV show called “Backed By The Bros,” promising mentorship and financial backing to upcoming property investors.
– The show premieres on June 5, and will include 10 episodes featuring two investment pitches in each episode.
– Drew and Jonathan Scott’s TV empire is reportedly valued at $2 billion and broadcasts in 160 countries.
– The brothers started their real estate journey as college students and converted their learning experiences into a successful enterprise.

Stepping into the Global Spotlight

From intensive learning phases to now leading a $2 billion TV empire, the journey of Drew and Jonathan Scott has been inspirational. The twin brothers, known for their roles in HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers,’ built a global presence with 15 unscripted TV series and specials aired in 160 countries.

Their early hitches in the fields of renovation and real estate made them realize the value of mentorship. With their latest venture, “Backed By The Bros,” Drew and Jonathan aim to provide mentorship plus financial backing. This comes as a golden opportunity for those eager to tread the path of real estate and renovation.

A New Route in Real Estate and Renovation TV Shows

Scheduled to premiere on HGTV on June 5, “Backed By The Bros” differs from the twins’ previous shows. Whereas earlier, they were mainly occupied with the design and construction of properties, they now put on their investor caps. The show won’t just display a new facet of their skillset, but also of their business.

Each of the 10 episodes will feature two aspiring property investors. Although both parties will initially receive guidance, only one lucky participant will secure ongoing mentorship, financial aid, and resources from the twins. These resources range from a warehouse of construction materials to a team of professional designers and trusted industry contacts.

The Investment Saga Commences

The inaugural episode features two investment projects from California. The proposals include a troubled renovation venture in North Hollywood and a detached garage in Burbank intended to be converted into a rental unit. However, a thrilling twist lies in the liberty given to the investees to reject the brothers’ advice.

As Drew Scott stated, the stakes are high for them as well. Their investments of time, reputation, and limited resources are aimed at support, not steering the venture. A successful investment would denote a worthwhile return for both parties.

The Broader Canvas of the Scott Brothers

The tale of the Scott twins’ real estate career commenced as college students. To sponsor their University of Calgary tuition fees, they invested in a dilapidated house near their campus. Post rehabilitating the property, they rented out the rooms and sold the house within a year with a neat profit of $50,000.

Fast-forward to October 2023; the dynamic duo announced their foray into two exciting new HGTV series as part of their three-year contract with HGTV and its parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery. Besides “Backed By The Bros,” the second series, “Don’t Hate Your House with the Property Brothers,” aims to tackle household issues and help families transform their dreaded homes into loved spaces.

In addition to these ventures, Drew and Jonathan manage the conglomerate Scott Brothers Global, responsible for an impressive $2 billion in retail sales of their branded merchandise. Defining their endeavor as a family-focused mission, the Scott brothers aim to provide every family with access to a safe, content, healthy, and affordable dwelling.


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