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“Rock the Block” Season 5 Concludes With The Winner’s Reveal

Hollywood Entertainment News

Hollywood Entertainment News

Key Takeaways:

– The grand finale of “Rock the Block” Season 5 saw Ty Pennington introducing the final challenge to the teams.
– The teams were given five days to complete their second-floor lofts and laundry rooms.
– “Property Brothers” star Jonathan Scott was announced as the week’s guest judge.
– Season 5 concluded with the team of Lyndsay and Leslie being declared as winners.
– The new season of “Ugliest House in America” will replace the “Rock the Block” time slot starting April 22nd.

The Finale Challenge

“Rock the Block,” the popular HGTV series, concluded its fifth season where returning teams aimed to get their redemption by adding the maximum last-minute value to their homes. The highlight of the final episode was the grand challenge hosted by Ty Pennington, where the teams received five days to complete their second-floor lofts and laundry rooms.

A Special Guest Judge

Adding an exciting twist to the finale, “Property Brothers” star Jonathan Scott joined as this week’s guest judge. Scott, along with a team of local real estate pros, was responsible for determining the final values added to the homes.

The Finale Strategies

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, who had won the last two weeks’ challenges, received an extra $11,000 to spend on their final spaces. They continued their curved wall design from the first floor to the second and focused on enhancing their laundry room. The duo also made a unique strategic move by offering a personal watercraft with their home purchase, hoping to edge their final appraisal over the top.

Page and Mitch planned to add a reading nook in the loft, a reminiscent gesture towards the “Page Turner Library” that brought them the win in Season 4’s Living Room challenge.

Opting for a practical approach, Lyndsay and Leslie decided to add an office space that their home was missing, thereby ensuring all boxes were ticked for the final appraisal. Emphasis was given to the second-floor laundry room as they intended to use the bulk of their remaining budget on this area.

Keith and Evan, who had already completed their laundry room in the third week, paid attention to their loft space by adding a desk for a workstation and a reading nook.

The Final Judgement

Amid thrill and anticipation, Jonathan Scott came for the final judging and started touring the homes with Ty. Each of the four homes had its unique selling points and each team had deployed thoughtful strategies to win.

Announcement of the Winner

After meticulous consideration, the team of Lyndsay and Leslie was declared as the winner of “Rock the Block” season 5. The duo’s house was appraised at over $2.3 million from a starting value of $1.7 million and roughly $300,000 budget. The victory was celebrated in a unique way, with drones lighting up the sky with the winners’ names, instead of traditional fireworks.

Weekly Challenge Winners Towards the Finale

Prior to the finale, the teams of “Rock the Block” participated in six rounds of competition, renovating different areas of their houses. Each round was evaluated by different HGTV stars who acted as guest judges. As the season progressed, multiple teams claimed victories, building up the excitement towards the Grand Finale.

Looking Forward

In a subsequent announcement, it was revealed that the 5th season of “Ugliest House in America” will be taking over the “Rock the Block” timeslot from April 22nd. This suggests that the viewers can anticipate more architectural beauties, and possibly dramatic transformations in the forthcoming shows.

In summary, Season 5 of “Rock the Block” proved to be a heavy dose of creativity, strategic planning, and unexpected victories. The grand finale marked the triumphant conclusion of a season charged with architectural brilliance and fierce competition.

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