Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal’s Unique Approach to ‘Pilgrimage’: A Retrospective on Method Acting

The Audacious Acting Stint on ‘Pilgrimage’

Famed for his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Tom Holland has demonstrated an exceptional range of acting skills. Prior to his distinguished role as the web-slinger, Holland played Brother Diarmuid in a 2017 medieval drama, ‘Pilgrimage’. He embarked alongside a group of monks on a hazardous journey to transport a relic to Rome in the film. Holland’s co-star, also an MCU stalwart, Jon Bernthal, known for his Punisher role, essayed a mute laborer’s character.

Scene’s Requirements Leads to Unexpected Request

A specific scene in the film required Holland to dig deep into his emotions, creating a real challenge for the rising star. To genuinely experience the emotional strain, Holland took an unconventional route. He sought Bernthal’s help to heighten the scene’s tension manifesting his method acting approach. Despite Bernthal’s initial reluctance, a sudden slap ended up enhancing the scene and exhibited their on-screen camaraderie.

Bernthal’s Unexpected Action and Speculated MCU Reunion

Bernthal was initially shocked by Holland’s unusual plea. Yet, during filming, he agreed to go ahead, thereby enhancing the intensity of the heartfelt scene. The experience stuck with Holland who wishes to work alongside Bernthal in the future. Despite coming up short at the box office, earning just $23,689 against a €4.7 million budget, the actor’s bonding was evident. MCU fans are eagerly anticipating a potential Punisher return in the Daredevil: Born Again, hoping this could see Holland and Bernthal team up once more.

Holland Receives High Praise from Bernthal

Bernthal had lots of praises in an interview with Collider about working with Holland in ‘Pilgrimage’. He dubbed Holland as an exceptional actor and one of the best co-stars he has had the opportunity to work with. Bernthal revered Holland’s work ethics and inner toughness. Having shared intense screen time, the duo experienced emotionally gripping moments that demanded a profound connection between their characters. Remembering this, Bernthal applauded Holland for his invaluable contribution.

An Exciting Future for Holland and Bernthal

Moving forward, Bernthal has freshly concluded his stint in Daredevil: Born Again as The Punisher. Meanwhile, rumors have circulated about Holland appearing in the fourth Spider-Man installment this year. Fans are eager for a crossover between these two popular characters, which could set the stage for another thrilling on-screen collaboration in the MCU.

The film Pilgrimage is available for viewing on Apple TV+. Despite the mediocre box office performance, it is worth noting the extent of Holland’s acting prowess and his remarkable chemistry with Bernthal. This film was indeed a journey, one that was unique in its own right due to the performances of its leading actors.

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In Conclusion, although the film ‘Pilgrimage’ was a modest performer, the commitment and acting prowess of Holland and Bernthal remain etched in memory. The method acting approach not only added a depth to the characters but also cemented an on-screen bond between the two MCU stars.

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