‘Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron Backtracks on Comments on the “Golden Bachelor” Split

Key Takeaways:

– Tyler Cameron, a Bachelor Nation star, criticized the breakup of “Golden Bachelor” star Gerry Turner and his wife, Theresa Nist, after just three months of marriage.
– The Bachelor franchise alumnus initially said the couple should be “canceled” but quickly retracted his comment, stating he was only joking.
– On a separate appearance, Cameron blasted the former couple—both in their seventies—for being “stubborn” and refusing to change their long-distance living arrangements.
– Despite his criticisms, Cameron hasn’t ruled out the possibility of leading “The Bachelor” in the future.

“Bachelor Nation Star Reacts to ‘Golden Bachelor’ Breakup”

Tyler Cameron, a notable alum from the Bachelor franchise, expressed his displeasure recently over the breakup news of “The Golden Bachelor” star Gerry Turner and his wife, Theresa Nist. The dissolution of the couple’s three-month matrimony ignited a flurry of reactions, with Cameron suggesting the couple should be “canceled.”

The criticism came during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” on April 18, 2024. During a Q&A with fans, Cameron was asked about his feelings concerning the Turner-Nist breakup. He replied, “Shame, shame, shame!” But soon after, he rolled back his “cancel” comment, emphasizing that it was made in jest.

“Golden Couple Not a Love Standard Anymore, Says Cameron”

After the comment about canceling the couple, Andy Cohen clarified for viewers that Cameron was making a joke. Cameron then added, “Don’t cancel them, but can’t look to them for love anymore.”

Besides the ‘shame’ comment, Cameron has been particularly critical of the ‘Golden Bachelor’ couple. Commenting on Sirius XM’s “The Happy Hour” radio show, Cameron labeled Turner and Nist—both septuagenarians—as “stubborn” and too old to change. “Gerry and Theresa don’t want to change their ways,” Cameron said. “He doesn’t want to leave Indiana where his family is, and she doesn’t want to leave New Jersey… Like it’s just two stubborn old people.”

“The Golden Bachelor Breakup: A Stain on Love, Says Cameron”

The franchise star believes the couple “put a stain on love and Bachelor Nation.” He went on to indicate their breakup undermined the authenticity and genuine love brought back to the series by their participation, a sharp contrast to other participants viewed as only wishing to gain influencer status.

Meanwhile, in the same “Watch What Happens Live” episode, Cameron revealed that he had been approached multiple times to headline “The Bachelor”. Despite his strong criticisms of the “Golden” Bachelor couple, the 31-year-old franchise alum hasn’t completely ruled out the idea of becoming the lead of “The Bachelor” himself someday.

“I’ll never say never,” Cameron disclosed to Cohen. “My theory in life is tell the greatest story you can tell. Maybe one day down the road it could be a cool story, but not right now.”

Cameron’s mixed feelings about the franchise highlight the unpredictability and drama synonymous with love and reality television. Regardless, fans will continue to eagerly anticipate what happens next in Bachelor Nation. For now, all eyes are on Cameron to see if he will transform his criticisms into action by taking up the lead role in a future season of “The Bachelor.”


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