Chelsea Handler Refutes RHOBH Casting Rumors, Expresses Past Disapproval of Franchise

Key Takeaways:

• Chelsea Handler debunks rumors of her joining ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’.
• Handler clarified via Instagram that she hasn’t signed any deal with Bravo for the series.
• The rumor, originally tweeted by a Bravo fan, seemed to have been created for amusement.
• Handler has previously expressed opposition to the ‘Housewives’ franchise.
• Handler has a complicated relationship with former colleague Heather McDonald.


In the realm of reality TV gossip, rumors of A-list actress and comedian Chelsea Handler entering the cast of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ (‘RHOBH’) lately swirled the internet. However, Handler has promptly denied signing any deal with Bravo for the famed series.

Handler Debunks RHOBH Casting Rumors


On April 27, a Bravo fan started the rumormill by tweeting Chelsea Handler’s prospective link-up with ‘RHOBH’ for its fourteenth season. The rumor was amplified as many media outlets further propagated it. Chelsea Handler addressed the rumor explicitly on her Instagram story, stating, “This is not true.” The fan seemingly incepted the rumor as a joke, as confirmed in a shared screenshot of an ensuing conversation.

Handler’s Past Disapproval of the Housewives Franchise


In addition to the denial, evidence suggests that the prospect of Chelsea joining the ‘Housewives’ franchise appear grim. In an episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live’ aired in 2013, Handler admitted finding the franchise unsettling. The comedian criticized the premise as exploitative, stating it cashes on women’s cosmetic alterations while demeaning them.

Contention With Heather McDonald


Adding another facet to the story, Handler also clarified her stance on her strained relationship with Heather McDonald, a writer for ‘Chelsea Lately’. McDonald is a popular figure among Bravo fans, hosting her own ‘Juicy Scoop’ podcast, where she frequently discusses Housewives updates. Handler admitted on the show that any feud with McDonald was majorly blown out of proportion.

The supposed discord between the pair was first made public when McDonald narrated her fears while working for ‘Chelsea Lately’. Handler addressed this claim, implying that the apparent discomfort might have roots in McDonald trading Handler’s personal life stories for media coverage.



Rumors are an intrinsic part of the entertainment industry, and this instance proved to be nothing more than just that. Chelsea Handler swiftly dismissed the speculation about her joining ‘RHOBH’, while also reiterating her past criticisms of the franchise. Despite the waves this gossip made, Handler remains a removed part of the Bravo ecosystem, and her involvement with the ‘Housewives’ franchise seems unlikely at present.

At the same time, the interpersonal dynamics in the entertainment industry adds another layer of complexity to the situation. The pre-existing tension between Handler and McDonald, a prominent name in the Bravo network, further increases the improbability of a Handler-Bravo collaboration.

Evidently, social media drama, seasoned with hearsay and celebrity clashes, continues to keep reality TV fans on their toes, though the line between fact and fabrication can often blur. While this particular rumor has been put to bed by Handler herself, it underscores the intriguing nature of off-screen dynamics that often overshadow the onscreen plotlines.

As we anticipate future casting developments for ‘RHOBH’, it’s safe to assume that the show’s die-hard fans will continue to speculate and dream. However, let’s remember to approach whispers of ‘this person is joining the cast’ with a pinch of skepticism unless confirmed by reputable sources or the concerned individuals. Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler remains a beloved name in the comedy circuit, far removed from the noise and rumor mills associated with reality television.


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