Earn Exciting Roles in Upcoming Feature Film in Albuquerque, NM – Calling Waitstaff with Speaking Roles

Start your journey to stardom today. The grandeur of Albuquerque, NM’s film scene is looking for fresh faces to breathe life into multiple speaking roles for scenes slated to be shot in an upcoming major feature film. The call is primarily going out to individuals with authentic waiter/waitress experience to play the part in a restaurant setting.

Dive Into Your Dream Role

As an actor, you will be given the opportunity to perform speaking roles as a wait staff in a high-profile feature film. Being involved in scenes set in a restaurant, you will have the unique opportunity to interact intimately with the film’s main characters.

With the task of lending an authentic and tangible depth to the scene, your contribution will significantly impact the atmosphere of the film. Guidance will be provided by the director during filming to sculpt your performance to perfection.

Going Back in Time

The script will require you to adhere to specific costume and appearance guidelines to fit into a 1990s setting. Any visible signs of the modern age, including tattoos, piercings, or contemporary hairstyles, will have to be hidden to maintain the intended era’s aesthetic.

Qualify to Participate

Don’t worry if you don’t have prior acting experience for this casting call. Your real-life waiter/waitress experience is the prime focus. However, current waitstaff experience is preferred. The call is open to individuals based in New Mexico and eligible to work in the U.S.

You must be fully available throughout July 2024 for the film’s shooting schedule. Demonstrating a good understanding of a mid-1990s visual aesthetic and willingness to cater to the look will be critical. Excellent communication skills and an ability to take direction well are essential to succeed.

Compensation Details to Look Forward to

Embrace this paid opportunity which is structured at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) daily scale rate, approximately landing you $1,000 per day. Payments terms and specific rates will be solidified upon final casting confirmation.

Step Into Your Next Acting Opportunity

Other casting calls are also available for highly-demanded shows and upcoming projects. There’s a spot open on Netflix’s popular ‘Cobra Kai’ season 6, currently casting and hiring in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meanwhile, aspiring actors can also attempt to land a role in ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 as it films in New Orleans, Louisiana. This series carved a fervent niche for itself in its debut season and entering its universe in the sophomore season can be a big break.

There’s also a casting call for a Wyndham Resort commercial with a sizeable pay of $1,500. This commercial promises to be a viable foot in the door for anyone looking to make a name in the industry.

So, seize these exciting opportunities today and establish your on-screen presence. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace your acting skills, and put them to good use in big-budget, high-impact performances designed to challenge and inspire you. Apply now!

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/feature-film-casting-call-for-speaking-roles-2/


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