Gunn and Safran, DC Studios’ Co-CEOs, Preparing for a Soft Franchise Reboot

A New Chapter for DC Superhero Franchise

Notable Directors, James Gunn and Peter Safran, currently at the helm of DC Studios, are reportedly prepping for a gentle revamp of the fan-beloved DC superhero franchise. Aiming to bring back to life well-known superheroes such as Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman, the duo are set to steer a new course for DC’s animated universe, banking on the live-action version’s monumental success.

Justice League Unlimited: An Unexpected Return?

A surge in eagerness for the DC animated universe (DCAU) is underway, triggered by conjecture about an impending revival of the universal favourite show, Justice League Unlimited. The updated attention towards the DC universe appears to mirror the newly found admiration for Marvel’s mutant personalities stemming from the success of X-Men ’97, a freshly minted series from Marvel Studios.

Gunn’s Standpoint: An Intention for Originality

In a recent fan event on Threads, one devoted admirer brought up the potential of reviving Justice League Unlimited. Responding cordially, Gunn recognised the freshness and break from current trends typified by Marvel’s latest offering. He voiced his preference for preserving the distinct character of the Justice League Unlimited series, insisting there’s no intent to replicate what’s already successful on the market.

Gunn’s Retort: A Beacon of Hope for DCAU Lovers

Being the creative mind behind The Suicide Squad, Gunn strongly maintains that he won’t tread the trodden path but would rather focus on sharing distinctive content that spins compelling narratives. Fans of comics have received his vision with open arms, praising his unique perspective on handling the franchise. Their reactions were eloquently expressed through tweets under DCU update posts.

Marvel fans, on the other hand, are basking in the joy of their new serving while waiting for the return of old favourites. The rejigged X-Men ’97, which pauses the narrative of X-Men: The Animated Series from the 90s, has received overwhelming acclaim. As reported by Disney (via Variety), the maiden episode of the new series amassed a whopping four million views globally within five days of its debut. The initial season comprises ten episodes, while the second and third seasons are in the works.

Anticipation Fueled by Excitement

As Gunn and Safran, as DC Studios’ head honchos, put their plans into motion, they promise to deliver unexpected twists and turns. Up to par with Gunn’s philosophy, the goal is not to clone but to create something innovative and thrilling. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy reruns of Justice League Unlimited available on HBO Max.

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