HGTV Celebrity Designer Suffers ‘Bittersweet’ Loss Days After Embracing Fatherhood

Key Takeaways:
– Brian Patrick Flynn, host of HGTV’s “Dream Home” and “Urban Oasis,” recently became a father but lost his 16-year-old rescue dog.
– Brian and his husband Hollis Smith welcomed their daughter Clover on April 17, 2024, through surrogacy.
– Gidget, the couple’s beloved rescue dog, passed away just two days after the birth of their daughter.
– Flynn expressed his gratitude for Gidget meeting his daughter briefly, calling it an “additional birthday gift.”
– Flynn and Smith continue to navigate their new roles as parents amidst their loss.

The Joy of Fatherhood and the Heartbreak of Loss

Long-standing HGTV designer Brian Patrick Flynn and his husband Hollis Smith recently entered into a phase of unexpected joy and sadness. Just days after celebrating the arrival of their first child, the couple faced the tragic loss of their beloved 16-year-old rescue dog Gidget.

Flynn, who famously hosts “HGTV Dream Home” and “Urban Oasis,” posted on Instagram to inform his followers of the ‘bittersweet’ event that unfolded around his 48th birthday, April 27, 2024. He described the birth of their daughter, Clover, as the best birthday gift, only to have the triumph accompanied by a tragic loss.

A Bittersweet Turn of Events

Flynn narrated this peculiar twist by stating, “In a bittersweet yet poetically beautiful twist of events, our little rescue dog of 16 years, Gidget, said goodbye to us just two days after we returned home.”

Gidget had been a cherished part of the Flynn-Smith family for 16 years, frequently featured within the couples’ Instagram posts. Flynn also shared a poignant image of Gidget and Clover bonding briefly, something he termed as a ‘huge gift’.

Penned with heartfelt emotions, Flynn expressed his consolation in the fact that Gidget and Clover briefly interacted. He remarked, “Glass half full: this afforded 🐾 and 🍼48 hours to briefly get to know one another.”

Gidget’s Legacy

The posts featuring Gidget over the years hint at the meaningful bond the small rescue dog shared with the couple. Ranging from supervising family activities to being Flynn’s quiet companion, Gidget played an essential role in their lives.

However, Flynn and Smith still have the company of their second dog, Fylgja, a 5-year-old Blue Heeler mix they’d rescued earlier. Revealed details in Flynn’s feed indicate that Gidget and Fylgja were quite inseparable, often seen bonding and sleeping together.

Condolences, Congratulations, and Birthday Wishes

The HGTV star’s Instagram post quickly accumulated attention, with fans expressing a mix of birthday wishes, congratulations on Clover’s birth, and condolences for the loss of Gidget. Many followers empathized with the profound sentiment of losing a long-held pet, considering them equivalent to family members.

Learning the Ropes of Parenthood

Despite the heart-wrenching loss, Flynn and Smith are embracing their newfound roles as delighted dads. Their journey started in late February when they awaited Clover’s birth with their surrogate, Marissa, in St. Louis.

Following the birth, they stayed back to ensure Marissa’s well-being before returning to Atlanta. It was then they had the chance to spend Gidget’s final 48 hours with her in their home, coupled with experiencing the joy of their newborn.

Flynn and Smith have been frequently updating their followers regarding their adventures as first-time parents, confessing the challenging and rewarding aspects of parenting, be it diaper changes or discovering children’s entertainment.

This uniquely woven tale of coinciding life events further highlights that every life moment is a mix bag of emotions. As Flynn and Smith embark on their parenting journey, they hold on to the memory of their beloved Gidget, making their initial fatherhood phase significantly bittersweet yet cherished.


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