HGTV Host Brian Patrick Flynn Welcomes First Child Via Surrogacy

Key Takeaways:

– HGTV star Brian Patrick Flynn and his husband Hollis Smith have announced the birth of their daughter, Clover.
– Baby Clover was born through a gestational surrogate named Marissa, who is now considered an extension of their family.
– Flynn and Smith released an emotional video on Instagram, documenting Clover’s arrival.
– The birth was a bit more challenging than those of Marissa’s own kids, according to her Instagram post.
– Flynn and Smith are looking forward to starting their journey as parents, with their Atlanta home ready to welcome baby Clover.


HGTV’s favorite designer and host, Brian Patrick Flynn, 47, is jubilant over the arrival of his first child. Flynn and his husband Hollis Smith welcomed their beautiful daughter, Clover, into the world on April 17, 2024.

A Unique Name Choice: Clover

Flynn revealed the inspiration behind his daughter’s unique name in an interview with People. With Irish heritage on both sides, Flynn and Smith decided on “Clover’, a name that stood apart from commonly used ones. But besides the Irish connection, Flynn was drawn to it as it also represented a color, this appealed to Flynn’s designer sensibilities, as he shared with People.

A Joyous Experience with Gestational Surrogacy

The couple welcomed Clover through a gestational surrogate named Marissa. Flynn and Smith shared the journey of expectancy on their Instagram accounts, showing their enthusiasm during the anticipation of their baby’s arrival at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis.

Their surrogate, Marissa, has now become an integral part of their family. Flynn expressed, “The whole story is just total magic because now she’s absolutely a forever family member.” It went on to include Marissa’s husband and children as Uncle Nathan, Aunt Marissa, and cousins to their baby girl, Clover.

Preparing for Parenthood Amidst Home Repairs

With parenthood on the horizon, the couple faced some challenges at their Atlanta home. From a demolished front yard due to tree root damage, to significant water damage in their bathroom causing a total overhaul, the timing wasn’t ideal. Nonetheless, the couple managed to embrace the situation with humor, with Flynn stating, “NOW? Sure, why not? Seems like a splendid idea. Timing is totally perfect.”

However, a few days before Clover’s arrival, Flynn joyfully announced that the home repairs were complete. The renovated driveway was ready for their ‘Dadmobile’, setting a warm homecoming for their baby girl.

Documenting Clover’s Arrival on Social Media

The arrival of baby Clover was a significant moment the couple wanted to cherish and share. To that end, they crafted a touching Instagram video documenting their hospital journey, set to the tune of Brandi Carlile’s song, “The Story” – from their anxious wait in the hospital hallway, to the imprint of Clover’s tiny feet.

This emotional video was met with a wave of love and support from their fans, friends, and HGTV colleagues like Steve Ford, Alison Victoria, and Hilary Farr.

Marissa’s Surrogacy Experience

Clover’s surrogate mother, Marissa, mentioned in her Instagram stories that the labor and delivery were more challenging than with her own children. But, she expressed her joy for Flynn and Smith and was thrilled to be part of this intense yet beautiful journey, which she also shared on Instagram.

Summing up her surrogacy experience, Marissa shared “As of right now I am very, very happy for them and their new little bundle they now have and very, very happy for me and the new little bundle that I do not have 😜.”

A New Chapter For Flynn and Smith

As they embark on their journey as parents, Flynn and Smith—an inseparable duo for 18 years—are ecstatic to welcome Clover into their loving family. They are set to build a nest full of warmth, affection, and memories in their newly furnished Atlanta home.

The couple extends their heartfelt gratitude to Marissa and her family for making their dream of parenthood come true, marking a new, enchanting chapter in their lives. The journey of Flynn and Smith to become parents, and the warmth with which the surrogate Marissa and her family have been embraced, highlight love, shared experiences, and the true essence of family.


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