James Gunn Favours Originality over Trends for DC Justice League Unlimited

James Gunn, renowned filmmaker, seems to be a staunch advocate for creativity and unique storytelling. The acclaimed director recently clarified that he is not in favour of following the Marvel animated series, X-Men ’97, approach for the Justice League Unlimited in the DC Universe.

Charting a Unique Course

Gunn has always preferred to set his own path rather than mimic the successful trails laid out by others. This was evident when he responded to a fan’s query, indicating that his new DC project, Justice League Unlimited, will not emulate the styles of the X-Men ’97. Although he appreciates the Marvel series’ innovation and authenticity, he doesn’t plan on replicating its style for DC’s Justice League.

Instead, Gunn urges for an approach that focuses on authenticity and upholds the spirit of the storyline or concept, rather than just following the latest trends. He believes this approach will result in a more genuine creative output that will resonate well with the audiences.

DC’s Creature Commandos: A Fresh Outlook

The stance taken by Gunn has incited considerable anticipation for DC Universe’s potential new animated series, Creature Commandos. This initiative would represent the start of Gunn’s comprehensive strategy for the first installment of DCU’s Gods & Monsters.

In this series, well-known character Amanda Waller will gather a collection of monsters for black-ops missions. The promising prospects of this series are boosted by the popularity of animated superhero series such as X-Men ’97 and Invincible.

Endorsement from J.M. DeMatteis

J. M. DeMatteis, a respected comic writer and the creator of Creature Commandos, has expressed approval for Gunn’s approach to the Creature Commandos animated adaptation. Although DeMatteis clarified that he is not involved in any upcoming DCU projects, he expressed faith in James Gunn’s capability.

DeMatteis praised Gunn’s understanding and respect for the original material and its creators on Twitter. As a fan, Gunn is able to comprehend and value the original material, according to DeMatteis.

Creatures Commandos – What to Expect?

James Gunn is presently involved with the first DCU film, Superman. He shared an update regarding Creature Commandos including the completion of all recordings and animatics, with the first cuts of the animation currently being awaited.

The team of monsters in the show will consist of Rick Flag Sr., Nina Mazursky, Doctor Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, G.I. Robot, and Weasel. Viola Davis will also be returning to play her role as Amanda Waller.

Anticipation for Creature Commandos Release

The much-awaited Creature Commandos is slated to air in late 2024. Given Gunn’s unique approach, the series is set to provide enthralling storytelling experiences for viewers and establish a significant benchmark in the competitive animation industry.

Gunn’s Unique Approach in the Spotlight

James Gunn’s unique approach in not merely following the path of the Marvel series X-Men ’97 shows his dedication to originality and authenticity in his work. As he progressively develops the first chapter of DCU Gods & Monsters with Creature Commandos, fans and critics are keenly watching to see if his creative methodology pays off. With the excitement already surrounding the project and Gunn’s previous successful ventures, the future of this endeavor appears promising.

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