Muslim Middle School Student Casting Call in New York City for Upcoming Limited Series

Casting directors are on a hunt for unique talent across New York City, targeting middle school students for an upcoming limited series. They are specifically interested in children who can depict Muslim students who wear a hijab, adding depth to a vibrant and realistic school scene.

Casting Call Details

The vibrant city of New York continues to be a hub for acting, modeling, and various talent opportunities. An upcoming limited series seeks individuals who can portray Muslim middle school students wearing a hijab. This particular role in the series involves filming for a day in the Bronx, contributing to a dynamic and realistic depiction of a school environment.

Role Specifications and Participation

The chosen individuals will primarily engage in a school milieu, following particular directions and participating in background scenes. In some instances, they may engage in minor interactions within the scene. Participants will be expected to follow directions from the director and crew to ensure the scenes project the desired narrative. Maintaining professionalism will be a key requirement whilst on set throughout the shoot.

Prerequisites for the Role

The casting call opens several acting doors for those within the age bracket of 10 to 14 years old, encompassing all ethnicities. Participants are required to wear a hijab for the role. If the applicant already wears a hijab, it ought to be specified, otherwise, one can be provided. The candidate must be available for an all-day shoot on a specified date in New York City. Any individual less than 14 years old is required to have a valid work permit. No prior acting experience is required, but comfort and ease in a filming environment are essential. Additionally, a parent or guardian must accompany the applicants to the set and remain present during filming.

Payment Terms and Conditions

In terms of compensation, $200 will be given for a 10-hour commitment on set. Meals and refreshments will be provided as part of the package. Casting directors encourage applicants to join the Project Casting platform to access this job offer and others that they may apply for straight away.

Other Opportunities

In addition to this opportunity, several other casting calls are available to talented individuals. Projects such as Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 are actively casting and hiring in Atlanta, Georgia. The chance to be part of ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 is also accessible, with the series filming in New Orleans, Louisiana.

From leading roles to minute, background characters, the entertainment industry offers countless opportunities, and every role is instrumental in bringing stories to life. As such, casting calls for commercials from companies like Wyndham Resort, offering $1500 pay, are also open for applications.

Each role presents its own unique experience and requires a specific set of skills. Through platforms like Project Casting, established and upcoming talent can now easily seize these opportunities at their fingertips. Therefore, if you meet the specifications for the middle school student role, or you are equipped for the other mentioned roles, take the chance and submit your application today.

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