NBC’s ‘Found’ Season 2 Seeks Diverse Talent for Filming in Atlanta

NBC’s award-winning drama series, ‘Found’ is casting diverse talents for multiple roles in its highly anticipated Season 2. The show’s producers are coming to Atlanta, Georgia, with a range of opportunities for aspiring actors, models, and background talents ready to make their mark in a major TV production.

Exciting Opportunities in ‘Found’ Season 2

The production team of ‘Found’ is actively seeking talented individuals for various roles. No fittings are needed, instead, actors are invited to submit their availability, with roles being assigned based on suitability.

‘Found’ Season 2 focuses on expanding the search, promising more intense storylines and personal stakes for viewers to invest. The series has already captured the audience’s attention with its distinctive blend of procedural drama and insightful explorations into the lives of those forgotten by the system.

Highlighting Cast and Crew Brilliance

Created by Nkechi Okoro Caroll, ‘Found’ has brought to life a complex and relatable storyline. With Shanola Hampton leading the star-studded cast and also functioning as a producer, the series has secured critical acclaim and multiple nominations from prestigious bodies like the GLAAD Media Awards and NAACP Image Awards. A collaborative creation between Berlanti Productions, Rock My Soul Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and Universal Television, the narrative content of ‘Found’ is set to surge in Season 2.

Complex Story Around Gabrielle Mosley

At the heart of the series is Gabrielle Mosley (Shanola Hampton), a recovery specialist driven by her past. Season 2 promises a deeper exploration into her story and her relationship with Hugh “Sir” Evans (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), her former captor now turned captive. This dynamic pushes boundaries on questions of justice, morality, and redemption.

Team Emotionally Investing into their Venture

Every team member alongside Gabrielle has a poignant backstory to bring to the table. Be it Margaret Reed’s (Kelli Williams) desperate search for her long-lost son, Zeke Wallace’s (Arlen Escarpeta) coping mechanisms for past trauma, or Dhan Rana’s (Karan Oberoi) stronghold as the team’s security. Each character contributes to the show’s emotional depth.

The alluring components of Season 2

‘Found’ Season 2 holds promise for fans with its focus on the psychological complexities of the characters and the dynamics within Mosley & Associates. The upcoming season will feature more intricate cases and a deeper look into personal lives that are brilliantly woven into societal themes.

Connecting Talent with Opportunities

For those interested in participating in this dramatic project, there’s an array of roles up for grabs. With Project Casting, aspiring actors have the chance to quickly apply for roles such as detectives, doctors, nurses, journalists, and much more. The roles cover a wide range – from clerical workers to police officers, restaurant employees to volunteers, thus offering ample opportunities.

Taylormade Casting is overseeing the casting process, seeking diverse background actors for various roles. No fittings are required, but actors have to submit their availability for the listed filming dates. Roles will be assigned according to alignments with the character requirements.

Casting Call: What Does it Entail?

Interested talent should prepare to perform role-specific actions as directed and maintain utmost professionalism on the set. Candidates, regardless of their acting experience, are eligible to apply as long as they show commitment to the role, the filming schedule, and act respectfully towards the director and crew.

The Candidates and Compensation Details

Candidates between the ages of 18 to 100+ of any gender and ethnicity are welcomed to apply. Successful candidates will be compensated with $140 per 12-hour shift. Further information on the application process is available on the Project Casting Now platform!

As Season 2 of ‘Found’ takes shape, the gripping storyline is sure to captivate audiences yet again. So, stay tuned for more updates and prepare to be hooked by the mysteries and emotional journeys on display. Choose to be a part of this thrilling project and witness firsthand the narrative masterstroke that is NBC’s ‘Found’.

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/nbc-found/


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