New R&B Music Video Atlanta Casting Call

Atlanta Casting Call for R&B Music Video Party Scene

Casting directors in Atlanta, Georgia, are on the lookout for extras to feature in an R&B video for a renowned male artist. From the hustle and bustle of the city, they are calling upon actors, models, and talents to become part of the dynamic party scene.

Featured Artist Requirements

The production team is looking for extras who can authentically engage in an upbeat party setting. These extras will contribute to the spirited atmosphere that the video demands. The extras will have to follow the director’s instructions meticulously to fulfill the scene’s requirements.

Extras must interact organically with the main set of actors and fellow extras to establish an authentic ambiance. They have to demonstrate professionalism on set, ensuring they stick to call times and schedules.

Qualifications for Extras

The casting call is open to males and females from diverse ethnic backgrounds who are eighteen years old and above. An essential requirement is their availability in the Atlanta, Georgia area on the video’s scheduled shoot date.

Previous experience as an extra could be useful but is not obligatory. They need to be capable of following instructions and adjust dynamically to the evolving filming environment. Extras should be comfortable being on camera, ready to perform repetitive actions for multiple takes, and comply with the wardrobe requirements set forth by the costume department.

Compensation Information

The compensation for this role is a flat $75.00 for the day. No additional expenses or per diems will be covered by the production.

How to Take Part in This Exciting Opportunity

Seizing this fantastic opportunity is simple. You just have to join Project Casting platform, where you can apply for this job and many more.

More Project Casting Opportunities

For those looking for more interesting opportunities, Project Casting is offering diverse roles in several upcoming productions. Netflix’s Cobra Kai Season 6 is casting and recruiting talent in Atlanta, Georgia as well. Another thrilling opportunity is the casting call for the second season of ‘Mayfair Witches,’ filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Also, there’s the casting call for a Wyndham Resort Commercial with a pay of $1500.

Project Casting is an excellent platform connecting talented individuals with various employment opportunities in the entertainment industry. It provides an easy way for all artists to discover their true potential and showcase their talent in prominent roles.

Closing Thoughts

Scoring a role in such a vibrant music video could be an excellent stepping stone for anyone looking to gain exposure in the industry. Whether you’re an established extra or someone trying to get their foot in the door, this opportunity is simply too good to pass up. So, don’t miss this chance to experience the exciting world of music video production.

Whether you have a knack for acting, a passion for modeling, or an impressive talent, take the leap and audition for your chance to shine. Who knows? This could be your stepping stone towards stardom and success. Remember, stay patient, diligent, and always positive. The world of entertainment is full of surprises, and your big break could be just a casting call away.

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