Nissan Versa Owners Needed for Los Angeles Film Production

Casting Call for Vehicle Owners

Casting directors in Los Angeles, California are seeking unique talent for an upcoming television or movie project. But it’s not just any talent they’re hunting for. The clarion call is out specifically for an owner of a 2020 Nissan Versa in gray. This specific request sounds unusual but underscores the critical attention to detail required in film production.

Job Description and Responsibilities

The owner of the required vehicle is not just bringing their Nissan Versa for a sightseeing tour in the beautiful city of LA. The car will play an integral part in the upcoming production. The owner might also get a chance to shine as a background artist when filming happens around their vehicle. The role, while seemingly peripheral, turns pivotal for scenes requiring an exact match of this specific model and color to bring the director’s vision to fruition.

On the shooting day, the vehicle needs to arrive clean and in excellent running condition. The owner’s presence on set for the duration of the filming day is non-negotiable. This might mean early call times or late wrap times. The production team might also provide specific instructions regarding the vehicle’s placement and use during filming which the owner is required to strictly adhere to.

Task Expectations

The vehicle must be a grey, 2020 Nissan Versa devoid of substantial modifications or damage. The vehicle owner will need the ability to transport it from and to Burbank’s set. The role also demands punctuality, reliability and good communication skills. A flexible availability on the shoot day is another prerequisite for this role.

While previous on-set experience can be a feather in the cap, it’s not mandatory. What counts most is the enthusiasm and commitment to contribute to the production.

Compensation for the Talent

Although the exact compensation hasn’t been finalized, it is promised to be competitively higher, reflecting the unique requirement. Pictures Cars will process the payment, strongly hinting at the priority given to the vehicle over the owner possibly acting as an extra. Detailed information regarding the exact rate and payment process will be shared with selected candidates.

How to Apply

Project Casting allows you to access and apply to jobs like these readily. If you have the exact model of the car the casting directors are searching for, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a television production. Not only will your vehicle get a taste of stardom, but you might also bag a chance to perform in the background.

In conclusion, this unconventional casting call underscores the range of people (and vehicles) needed to create a successful movie or television production. Whether you’re an experienced actor, a model with a passion for acting or just someone fulfilling a unique car owner requirement, everyone has a chance to contribute to the art of storytelling. If you’re a grey 2020 Nissan Versa owner, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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