OHavana Models Launches Talent Search 2024 in UK

In a push to redefine global fashion standards, OHavana Models is hosting their Talent Search 2024. Based in the UK, this influential modeling agency is championing diversity and empowerment within the industry. The agency is ready to open its doors to fresh faces, eager to make their mark in the modeling world.

The Casting Call

OHavana Models has announced an exclusive casting call for their 2024 Fresh Faces Lineup. The agency invites newcomers from London and Manchester to break into the world of high fashion. This is an exceptional opportunity, where divergent and unique looks are not just welcome but celebrated.

The only prerequisites are to be 18 or above, possess a positive attitude, and a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in fashion. No specific height, weight, or prior modeling experience is necessary.

The Agency’s Role

As part of the OHavana Models’ family, chosen models will indulge in a variety of tasks. These would include attending photo shoots and runway shows, as well as other assignments. The models will also participate in workshops, training sessions, and castings as required. They will work closely with photographers, stylists, and fellow models, in a collaborative and nurturing environment.

In addition, they will act as representatives of OHavana Models at events and promotional activities. Maintaining a professional demeanor, adhering to agency guidelines, and following schedules is mandatory.

Join the OHavana Models’s Family

Interested models can apply for the OHavana Models Talent Search 2024 through an online application form. The form is available on the agency’s website. With a strong ethos on professionalism, good communication skills, and teamwork, the agency seeks to embark on this journey with aspiring models and redefine the modeling standards on a global scale.

The Perks

Joining the OHavana Models family carries certain rewards. Apart from competitive compensation, models will enjoy national and international exposure. This could significantly boost their modeling careers and provide avenues for growth. The agency ensures no joining fees or hidden costs. They also provide professional development opportunities and networking within the fashion industry.

In Conclusion

The OHavana Models Talent Search 2024 is a golden opportunity for individuals based in London or Manchester. This platform allows fresh faces to infiltrate the world of fashion modeling. It aims to reshape the stereotypical beauty norms that have ruled the industry for too long. Besides, the agency’s supportive community helps to foster growth and development, pushing their talent to achieve greatness.

Through their inclusive mission, OHavana Models hopes to transform the very fabric of the fashion industry, one model at a time. Consequently, this can lead to a more inclusive and diverse representation in fashion — a powerful statement in today’s globalized world.

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the 2024 Fresh Faces Lineup. Apply now and start your journey in becoming a part of the OHavana Models family, and create your mark in the modeling world.

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/ohavana-models-talent-search-2024/


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