Rochester-Based Regional Grocery Store Seeks Child Talent for $1,000 Commercial Role

A highly recognized grocery chain in the Rochester, NY region is seeking child actors for a major upcoming commercial, offering a lucrative opportunity to earn up to $1,000 in a featured role. Casting directors are presently on the hunt for talented children of all genders and ethnicities, aged between 4 and 8 years.

Emerging Talent Needed

The ideal candidates are young, enthusiastic, and able to inject a sense of innocence, curiosity, and wonder into their screen presence. The vision for the commercial centers around showcasing a playful, amusing character, thrilled to explore new experiences. Previous acting experience is a nice bonus, but not a necessity.

The production team places a keen emphasis on crafting a supportive and friendly environment, inviting the young actors to collaborate with other cast members effectively. While ensuring the atmosphere remains congenial, professionals working on the commercial are expected to maintain punctuality and adhere to schedule requirements diligently.

Ease of Access Essentials

Applicants must be locally available in Rochester, NY, throughout the project’s duration. The audition process won’t cover any accommodation or travel expenses, making it essential for the talent to be based in or near Rochester. All child actors are also required to have a parent or guardian accompanying them for the shoot duration.

Compensation and Perks

Selected applicants will receive a guaranteed session fee of $700 for a full day’s shoot. Those featured in the final commercial cut will receive an additional usage fee of $1,000, summing the total compensation for the featured child actor to $1,700.

How to Apply

To apply for this golden opportunity, interested candidates can join the Project Casting platform. The platform offers an avenue for casting directors to connect directly with aspiring actors and models, and to apply immediately for a variety of jobs available.

More Opportunities

Beyond the regional grocery store commercial role, Project Casting also highlights numerous other casting call opportunities. One such opportunity includes aspiring stars gaining a chance to feature in Netflix’s widely popular series ‘Cobra Kai’ for its sixth season. The casting and hiring process is now underway in Atlanta, Georgia.

Another featured casting stint includes getting cast in the second season of ‘Mayfair Witches’ as it films in New Orleans, Louisiana. Based on Anne Rice’s original work, ‘Mayfair Witches’ has etched a unique place for itself, offering various roles for prospective actors.

To summarize, Project Casting provides a host of diverse casting call options to aspirants. If you are eager to break into entertainment, whether as a novel child artist or a seasoned actor, now is the perfect time to leap into this enthralling world of opportunities. The Rochester-based commercial project presents a promising start to a potentially thrilling journey. So, seize the moment, apply now, and begin your thrilling journey into the cinematic universe.

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