Ron Perlman Gears Up for His Role in the Thriller ‘The Gentleman’

Perlman’s Next Cinematic Endeavor

Acclaimed actor Ron Perlman is stepping into the shoes of a brooding former U.S. soldier in a new thriller, ‘The Gentleman’. This Spanish-Mexican production is helmed by Luis Gabriel Beristáin. The film, packed with a stellar international cast, is not to be confused with Guy Ritchie’s similarly titled movie, ‘The Gentlemen’.

The Making of ‘The Gentleman’

‘The Gentleman’ has kicked off principal photography in the picturesque setting of San Sebastián, Spain. The shooting will continue for a spell of six weeks, promising a film rich in content and performance. Esteemed production houses Esto También Pasará and SDB Films are at the helm of this cinematic voyage. Both have a track record filled with successful films like ‘Ferocious Wolf’, ‘The Boogeyman: The Origin of the Myth’, and ‘The Deal’. Universal is set to release the movie in Spain in 2025.

Delving into the Story and Perlman’s Role

‘The Gentleman’ traces the life of Perlman’s character Theo, an old U.S. soldier. Theo finds solace in reminiscing about past battles with Olga, a prostitute he hires for company. However, when Olga is brutally murdered, Theo’s tranquil existence is upended. He swears to avenge her death, embarking on a dangerous path of revenge that draws the attention of an alcoholic police inspector, Iborra, and merciless hitman Herodes.

Film Rights Snapped by Film Factory

In an emerging development, the rights to Perlman’s film have been secured by Film Factory, a renowned company. This acquisition only heightens the global anticipation stirring around the film’s release.

Juma Fodde’s Screenplay Creates Buzz

Uruguayan screenwriter Juma Fodde of ‘You Shall Not Sleep’ and ‘Lobo Feroz’ fame has crafted the compelling screenplay for ‘The Gentleman’. The screenplay is drawn from Carlos Augusto Casas’ Spanish novel, ‘Ya no quedan junglas a donde regresar’. Film producer Álvaro Ariza unveiled his deep resonance with the narrative, saying its translation to the big screen felt natural. Beristáin, the film’s director, is looking forward to bringing his global perspective to the visual narrative inspired by the novel.


‘The Gentleman’ heralds an exciting chapter in the genre of revenge thrillers. As the film promises a particularly strong performance from Perlman, audiences anticipate a deeply engaging narrative. As the countdown to the film’s 2025 release begins, it clearly stands out as an event that movie fans should pencil into their calendars.

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