Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s Vampire Film: A Potential Rival to Marvel’s Blade Reboot?

Coogler-Jordan Duo Strike Again

Hollywood heavyweights Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan have joined forces once again. This time, they are setting their sights on a thrilling untitled vampire movie. Following their successful collaboration on the critically-acclaimed Fruitvale Station in 2013, the team is now delving into the realm of vampire lore. Filming of this highly anticipated movie began in April 2024.

First Look: Jordan’s Nod to Blade

Michael B. Jordan’s first look, which was recently unveiled, has already created a buzz amongst fans. His distinct attire and persona mimic Wesley Snipes from the cult movie Blade, released in 1998. This uncanny similarity has sparked comparisons online between the upcoming Blade reboot and this new venture by Jordan.

Fan Reactions on Social Media

Enthusiasm for the upcoming movie is palpable amongst fans across social media. Many have expressed admiration for Jordan’s portrayal of his Blade-like character. Some fans are already predicting that this untitled movie could surpass the MCU’s reboot of Blade in terms of quality. With striking resemblances between Jordan and Wesley Snipes popularized character, the expectations are high for the upcoming film.

Coogler-Jordan Project Versus MCU’s Blade Reboot

The release of Jordan’s first look has led to an onslaught of comparisons with the planned reboot of MCU’s Blade. Starring Mahershala Ali, the Blade reboot has been on the cards for five years but has suffered numerous setbacks. The main issues causing the postpone date of November 7, 2025, include screenplay hitches and strikes from WritersGuildAmerica and the Screen Actors Guild.

Conversely, all appears well with the untitled Coogler-Jordan project. If it continues on its current course, it may even beat the Blade reboot to its theatrical release.

Expectations from the Untitled Vampire Project

Considering the lauded track record of Coogler and Jordan, expectations for their vampire movie are soaring. Unlike the Blade reboot, which has experienced multiple delays, their project promises a smooth journey towards successful release.


As the release date of Coogler and Jordan’s vampire movie draws closer, excitement and anticipation continue to intensify. The duo has made substantial waves in the industry, and this new venture is no exception. With its unique Blade-like vibe, the untitled vampire movie is set to become a major talking point in the film industry. Whether it will overshadow Marvel’s Blade reboot in terms of release date or quality remains to be seen. But one thing is clear – fans are on the edge of their seats awaiting this release.n

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