Unveiling George Lucas’ Original 12-Film Vision for the Star Wars Saga

Reimagining the Skywalker Storyline

The larger than life Star Wars franchise, brainchild of the prolific George Lucas, was first conceptualized as a 12-film saga, not simply the 9-epic film structure familiar to us today. Lucas originally intended his narrative to begin with the catastrophic fall of Anakin Skywalker and end with the rise of Rey Palpatine in the New Jedi Order.

Original Vision for Star Wars Cinema

Contrary to the established narrative, Lucas’ original 12-part saga proposed an innovative storyline that varied significantly from what we know today. For instance, the notorious Clone Wars were planned as a four-film series instead of a televised saga. This fresh structure situated Darth Vader independently from the paternity of Luke, with Leia existing separately from the Skywalker clan.

Redefining the Trilogy of Sequels

The original sequel trilogy, as envisioned by Lucas, saw Luke Skywalker on a mission to find his lost sister. However, with plot restructuring, important elements from the initial draft were incorporated into the original Trilogy. Consequently, Leia’s role was significantly redesigned to be in alignment with narrative confines, which led to her transformation into Luke’s sister.

Had Lucas’ envisioned sequel Trilogy been actualized, it would have shown viewers Luke’s efforts to restore the Jedi order while Leia fortified the Republic’s powers. However, the sequel Trilogy underwent a complete revamp when Disney decided to produce vintage-themed films starting with ‘The Force Awakens.’

From Luke Skywalker to New Obi-Wan Kenobi

Despite alterations to the initial plan, Lucas had early conversations with Mark Hamill regarding the destiny of Luke’s character. Luke was expected to make a cameo and pass on his legacy to the future’s ‘New Hope’. Consistent with this original storyline, ‘The Last Jedi’ portrayed Luke’s journey parallel to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s. From his self-imposed exile and loss of faith in the Jedi order to his reconciliation while confronting his former student, Luke’s arc mirrored Kenobi’s. Finally, akin to Obi-Wan, Luke joined the Force allowing his apprentice sufficient time to flee.

Re-creating the Skywalker Saga

Despite its shortcomings, the existing Skywalker Saga is hailed for its narrative prowess. However, one can’t forget Lucas’s creative ingenuity that was originally articulated in the 12-film concept. It may have allowed iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker, Leia, and Han Solo to deliver a more satisfactory ending than the current Sequel Trilogy. Nevertheless, Lucas’ original multi-film franchise created a captivating universe that captivated audiences worldwide.

What’s Next for Star Wars in Cinema

With the Skywalker Saga now behind us, Lucas’ original ideas create wonder about potential alternatives in future instalments. While the 12-film blueprint remains an intriguing query, the final product has still shaped a universe that has fascinated a worldwide fan base. The cinematic future of Star Wars is now an eager waiting game.

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