Washington Commanders Welcome Notre Dame Quarterback, Sam Hartman, Following Draft

Key Takeaways:
– The Washington Commanders have brought Notre Dame’s Sam Hartman onboard as an undrafted free agent.
– Hartman joins the team’s line-up along with LSU’s Jayden Daniels, who was drafted at No.2.
– Former No. 2 pick, Marcus Mariota, may start as Daniels’ backup, while Hartman will compete for the third-quarterback position.
– Despite starring in college football, Hartman was not drafted, but was projected as a Day 3 pick.

According to a recent report from [Heavy.com](https://heavy.com/sports/nfl/washington-commanders/commanders-sign-24-td-notre-dame-quarterback-in-post-draft-move/), the Washington Commanders have significantly boosted their rookie quarterback lineup after the recent NFL draft. Alongside drafting LSU’s Jayden Daniels at No. 2, the Commanders have also enlisted Sam Hartman, a seasoned quarterback from Notre Dame, as an undrafted free agent.

Commanders Boost Roster With Strong Picks

The Commanders look set to have an especially seasoned team of rookie quarterbacks, as both Daniels and Hartman bring four years of college starting experience to the table. Daniels will turn 24 in December, whereas Hartman will turn 25 in July.

They will be joined by seasoned NFL quarterback Marcus Mariota, previously a No. 2 overall pick who has just been signed by the Commanders for this off-season. Mariota is expected to begin the season as Daniels’ backup, while Hartman will have the opportunity to compete against Jake Fromm and Jeff Driskel for the position of the Commanders’ third quarterback.

Sam Hartman’s Career From Wake Forest to Notre Dame

Sam Hartman first grabbed attention during his senior year at Oceanside Collegiate Academy in South Carolina, where he featured on Netflix’s QB1: Beyond the Lights. Hartman went on to start as a true freshman at Wake Forest in 2018. While he briefly lost his starting position in 2019, he regained it and held onto it for the next three seasons. Hartman then transferred to Notre Dame for an extra year of eligibility due to Covid, leading the team with a record of 9-3 in 12 starts in 2023.

Why Was Hartman Not Drafted?

Despite a glowing college football career that included 57 starts across six seasons, Hartman was not drafted. NFL analyst Lance Zierlein projected Hartman as a Day 3 pick in the 6-7 round range, comparing his skills to former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Zierlein described Hartman as a player with a “competitive temperament” but sporadic consistence.

Despite his change of fortunes, Hartman was still one of the top earners in college football in 2023, earning an estimated $1.2 million from endorsement deals. Choosing to return to college instead of starting his NFL rookie year as a low draft pick or undrafted free agent, as advised by his agent, turned out to be a smart move.

Commanders Set For Exciting Season Ahead

The addition of Hartman and Daniels to the Commanders’ roster, along with the experience and skills brought by Mariota, promises an exciting season for the Commanders. Fans and analysts alike will be watching closely as the team’s refreshed quarterback lineup takes the field. Given the backgrounds of these potentially game-changing players, another successful session could be on the cards for this Washington team. Rest assured, all eyes will be focused on how these latest acquisitions shake up the dynamics of the player line-up.


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