Calling Talented Twerkers for a $200/Day Performance in Atlanta

Actors, models, and other talents are currently being solicited for a captivating event set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. This call appeals to two incredible female dancers, particularly ones proficient in twerking, who will deliver an electrifying five-minute performance on stage.

Tapping Into New Talents

This casting call pushes the tradition further by seeking enthusiastic professionals who can click with the occasion, turning it into an epic experience. The dancers will share the stage with an artist in a high-energy set designed to provide a memorable time for all attendees.

Exceptional Performance Requirements

The successful candidates will be responsible for a choreographed twerk routine. They will also participate in a brief rehearsal before the main event to align with the production team and the artist. Aside from that, duties include providing an interactive atmosphere – they must know how to engage and rouse the audience, amplifying the energy of the performance.

Qualities for the Performance Gig

Female dancers aged between 18-28 are invited to display their aptitude. The role demands skills in twerking and comfort with performing before a large crowd. Furthermore, a fast learning ability to grasp and execute choreography swiftly is necessary, as well as personal drive to the venue. An understanding of a professional etiquette and the demonstration of reliability will not be compromised.

Filming Day and Compensation Details

Importantly, the filming day is slated to take place on April 20th, with a call time of 2:00 PM. It’s estimated to last for about an hour or two, with the main performance length being five minutes. It’s worth noting that the performers will receive a $100 flat rate for pouring their artistic flair into the event.

Dancer Roles and How to Apply

The casting call is open to all talented and enthusiastic female dancers ready to stage an enthralling performance. By joining Project Casting, artistes can start applying to this job and other alike right now. It’s a seamless way to tap into numerous opportunities via this platform.

More on Project Casting

Alongside this exciting opportunity, here are some of the leading casting calls currently active in the market:

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Gear up for these casting calls and let your talent shine through. Who knows, this could be your chance to make your mark in the industry! Your next job is just an application away. So talented twerkers, get ready to ace the stage in Atlanta!

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