Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Near-Fatal Incident During ‘Fuller House’ Filming

Key Takeaways:

– “Fuller House” actress, Candace Cameron Bure, experienced a near-death situation due to a faulty zipline prop during a scene.
– Cameron Bure disclosed the details of the incident during an April 2024 episode of her co-star’s podcast “How Rude, Tanneritos!”
– Director Mark Cendrowski reportedly fired the stuntman after the incident and decided to scrap the stunt altogether.
– In typical scenes, Cameron Bure usually performs her own stunts and previously displayed her athletic capability while participating in “Dancing with the Stars.”

Situated in the world of Hollywood stardom where risks are par for the course, Candace Cameron Bure revealed details of a startlingly perilous situation that unfolded during filming for the Netflix sitcom “Fuller House.” The incident was first discussed in an interview in April 2024, where the actress shared the chilling details of how a heavy prop malfunction nearly resulted in a fatal on-set accident.

Zipline Prop Malfunction Risks Actress’s Life

As disclosed during her co-star’s podcast “How Rude, Tanneritos!” the episode involved an “American Ninja Warrior” endurance challenge deep within the storyline. The scene required Tanner, the character Cameron Bure embodied, to ride a zipline diagonally across the set. However, during the rehearsal, the seemingly innocuous prop turned deadly when the metal rig slid off the track after her, missing her by merely an inch. “If I had just even shifted my weight the tiniest bit it would have probably broken my neck,” the actress recalled, adding that the prop instead left a “big gash” on the stage floor and broke the stairs.

After the terrifying incident, the director, Mark Cendrowski, reportedly fired the stuntman responsible for the setup. He decided to nix the zipline feature entirely, opting for a safer alternative involving monkey bars instead.

Cameron Bure’s Love for Performing Her Own Stunts

Having participated in “Dancing with the Stars”, Cameron Bure had previously demonstrated a penchant for action and athleticism. She happily performed her own stunts on “Fuller House”, even making the producers nervous with her bold enthusiasm. One such instance was during the filming of the episode “The Legend of El Explosivo”, where she took up the challenge of a wrestling stunt.

Talking to, Cameron Bure revealed that she wanted to perform the wrestling stunt herself after observing the stuntwoman rehearse. She said, “That is like a high for me; I love doing anything physical”. Her insistence and conviction to perform her stunts impressed even the executive producer, Robert Boyett, who wasn’t entirely surprised by her athleticism, having witnessed her finesse on “Dancing with the Stars”.

The world of Hollywood often comes with its fair share of risks – all underneath the glitz and glamour. Cameron Bure’s detailed account not only underlines this reality but also invokes appreciation for the fearlessness and dedication which actors bring to our screens. It is a steadfast reminder that even in the pursuit of art and entertainment, the safety of actors should always be the highest priority.


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