Casting Call – African American Young Actors Needed in Athens, GA

A new opportunity has arisen for budding young actors in Athens, Georgia. Casting directors are currently in search of African American male and female actors to portray older versions of child actors in an upcoming film project.

Casting Details

The casting call is scheduled for late April to early May, with flexibility around the exact date to accommodate the selected actors’ availability. The project involves a single day of filming on location in Athens, GA. It presents an exciting chance for actors to gain experience and exposure in the industry.

Role Responsibilities

Actors selected for the project will be expected to fully involve themselves in a one-day shoot, adhering to the scheduled scenes and following the director’s instructions diligently. A positive engagement with the crew and fellow actors is crucial to foster a conducive production environment.

Actors should prepare for the role by studying the script and discussing character nuances with the director. This understanding of the character’s intricacies will ensure a convincing portrayal on screen.

Eligibility and Requirements

The casting call is open to young African American actors, aged between 18 to the early 20s. Actors should demonstrate the capacity to portray diverse character attributes, including varying hairstyles and skin tones as per the script requisites.

While previous acting experience is an advantage, it’s not a strict requirement for the role. The crucial factor is the ability to convincingly portray the character on-screen. The actors should be based in, or can easily travel to, Athens, GA for the shoot. Applicants must have flexible availability around late April to early May to coincide with the shooting schedule.

Benefits and Compensation

The chosen actors will enjoy a competitive pay rate, with specifics to be shared upon selection. Those travelling from outside the Athens area will have their expenses covered. Additionally, meals will be provided on the shoot day.

Applying for the Project

To grab this opportunity, join Project Casting, an online platform that connects talent to the right employment openings in the entertainment world. Registering with Project Casting gives you access to a myriad of job listings that you can apply to immediately.

Opportunities Abound

Beyond this casting call, Project Casting also provides information on a host of other auditions and casting calls. For instance, current listings include openings for Season 6 of Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, and Season 2 of ‘Mayfair Witches’ filming in New Orleans, Louisiana.

There’s also a call for a commercial shoot for Wyndham Resort offering an attractive pay of $1500. All these, and more opportunities, are open to applicants who join the Project Casting platform.

In conclusion, it’s a fantastic time for young African American actors to kickstart their acting career. The upcoming film project in Athens, GA is a golden opportunity. Prepare well, embrace the role, and, who knows, this could be the stepping stone towards greater success in the acting industry. Spark your acting journey right now by applying for this role.

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