Open Casting Call for Tilda Swinton’s Stand-in in New York

In the bustling world of film and television, opportunities for up-and-coming talent are ample. Today, we bring you an exciting news update about an open casting call in New York. Directors are now seeking actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in the vibrant city.

Stand-in for Tilda Swinton

The central role in focus for this casting call is the stand-in for the esteemed actor, Tilda Swinton. A forthcoming film project entails serious and impressive talents to work closely with the production team and director.

Role Description

As the stand-in for Tilda Swinton, this role demands close resemblance to the actor in terms of physical features. The height and hair characteristics should ideally match that of Swinton. A nervous fluttering ensues, as individuals interested in this role wouldn’t just be extras, but a central component to the smooth execution of the shoot.

Role Responsibilities

What does the job entail? The stand-in would be expected to take on a collection of responsibilities. Aside from standing in for Swinton during the lighting and camera setup, the stand-in would work closely with the director and cinematography team. This effort ensures scenes play out accurately during set-ups.

Furthermore, duties would extend to assisting in various stages of the rehearsal process. Here, the stand-in would perform scenes, standing in place of the actor. This role also requires attendance at all costume fittings and makeup sessions.

An integral part of the filming schedule, the stand-in would need to be available on set for all shooting days and strictly adhere to the schedule.

Job Requirement

Let’s discuss the prerequisites next. How should our ideal candidate look?

Top on the list is a height that matches Swinton’s, and short, blonde hair is a must. While previous experience as a stand-in or background actor is preferred, a beginner with exceptional capabilities is also welcomed.

In the fast-paced world of filming, having strong time management skills, punctuality, and the ability to follow directions precisely cannot be overstated. The filming schedule may vary, so flexible availability is another essential requirement.


Now for the part everyone anticipates. The pay! A competitive daily rate commensurate with experience is set aside for the individual who bags this role. Also, on shooting days, meals and transportation are not an issue. These amenities will be provided. And if the shoot doesn’t fall within the local area, travel and accommodation expenses will be taken care of too.

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