Rotten Tomatoes Scores Impact Director Hiring in Hollywood

Unique Hiring Techniques Used in Hollywood

In an era of evolving filmmaking, Hollywood has adopted some unconventional hiring methods. Rotten Tomatoes scores are reportedly used by major studios to decide on directorial talent for their projects.

Zack Snyder’s Career Transition

Zack Snyder, notable for his bold style and his highly commented DC universe films, has seen a shift in his career trajectory. People have had mixed reactions to his work, leading to a change in his career. Many of his recent movies, such as ‘Army of the Dead,’ have skipped the big screen and are exclusive to Netflix.

Rotten Tomatoes as an Industry Barometer

Industry giants have turned to Rotten Tomatoes to gauge a director’s potential. Despite occasional doubts about its reliability, the influence of the rating website on movie viewership cannot be ignored.

Low Score Link to Snyder’s Netflix Move?

Snyder’s DC movies like ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ and ‘Justice League’ all have less than a 60% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This may be a contributing factor to why Snyder is making films for Netflix rather than crafting big-budget productions for major studios.

Rotten Tomatoes Scores’ Controversy

Many movie fans have criticized using Rotten Tomatoes scores as a hiring metric. They argue that the scores often do not align with audience ratings and may not accurately represent a director’s talents.

Snyder’s Netflix Journey Not Without Hurdles

Snyder’s foray into Netflix has not been entirely smooth. His ‘Rebel Moon’ movies have been met with criticism from both audiences and critics alike. Currently, these are Snyder’s lowest-rated films on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hope For James Gunn’s DC Universe

Despite his varied experiences, Snyder is optimistic about the future DC Universe films of James Gunn, writer of Snyder’s 2004 film ‘Dawn of the Dead.’ Snyder believes that Gunn’s DC Universe characters will accurately depict their respective mythologies.

Will Rotten Tomatoes Influence Continue?

Using Rotten Tomatoes scores to hire directors shows the interplay between audience responses and industry decisions. As movie devotees and insiders consider this trend, it’s unclear whether Rotten Tomatoes’ influence will persist or fade.

In the meantime, Snyder enthusiasts can check out his ‘Rebel Moon’ films on Netflix, while anticipating his future projects, shaped by his unique vision and style.

Final Remarks

With the growth of digital mediums and online ratings portals, the movie-making industry is experiencing a shift in how it hires directors. Rotten Tomatoes has become a significant influence, and it will be interesting to see how this tool evolves within the industry.

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