Seeking Talent for Upcoming Horror Film in Dunwoody Area

The city of Dunwoody, Georgia is at the heart of ongoing preparations for a new horror movie. The casting directors are currently conducting a search for talents who can bring vibrancy to a lively tavern scene. This rush casting call specifically seeks an African American individual, male or female, who could convincingly play a college student in a bar scene.

A Call for Authenticity

Being a key part of this horror film, the chosen actor or model would need to lend an authentic touch to the tavern atmosphere. They would be expected to naturally interact within the tavern setting, embodying the character of a college student enjoying their time at the bar.

Role Specifications and Responsibilities

The casting team is all set to welcome applications from those who fit the specified requirements. Primarily, the interested individual needs to be of African American ethnicity, aged between 18 and 30 years. Candidates should be capable of taking direction smoothly and demonstrate natural interaction skills.

Prior acting experience, though preferred, is not compulsory. The individual who bags the role should be able to commit to being prompt and ready for filming at the specified call time. They would also need to ensure their availability on set for the full filming duration.

A Note on Logistics

The notion of reliable transportation is a crucial criterion, given that the filming location is in Dunwoody. Therefore, applicants should ensure they can easily commute to and from the area.

What Benefits Await?

The talent chosen for the role would receive a day’s pay rate of $140 for an eight-hour duration. Any overtime involved would also be compensated accordingly. Added perks include meals and refreshments conveniently provided on the set.

Apply Now and Boost Your Acting Career

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Other Exciting Opportunities

Apart from the horror film, other casting calls are up for grabs. Fans of Cobra Kai have an opportunity to be a part of the show’s sixth season, as Netflix announces its casting and hiring operations in Atlanta, Georgia.

In a different city – New Orleans, Louisiana – potential actors can apply for roles in an Anne Rice adaptation, ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2. A commercial for Wyndham Resort also calls for talents, offering an attractive pay rate of $1500.

The horror film casting call in Dunwoody is surely a fantastic opportunity for budding actors and models. The tavern scene’s lively and authentic depiction relies heavily on the chosen talent. So, go ahead and put your best foot forward in the application process. This could be the opportunity that kickstarts or boosts your acting career.

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