Social Media Campaign in UK Seeks Teens with Distinct Regional Accents

Keen to highlight the diversity of UK’s accents, casting directors are now looking for lively teens and groups of friends to feature in an upcoming social media campaign. The participants must be native speakers with pronounced regional accents.

Emphasizing Local Accents

The intent of this campaign is to create content that vividly showcases the range and variation of the UK’s regional accents and culture. This not only creates an engaging media interaction for viewers, but also offers an exciting experience for the selected participants.

Roles and Responsibilities

Successful applicants can look forward to a gripping schedule filled with video shoots. They would be expected to showcase colloquial conversations in their native regional accent. Participants also need to collaborate closely with the production team to ensure the authenticity of regional expressions. A high level of punctuality and commitment is also necessary to smoothly navigate through the shooting timetable.

Key Requirements

Participants should be between the ages of 13 to 19. The ones under the age of 18 require parental consent to participate. The main requirement is a strong regional accent, which should come across naturally on camera. Comfort with the camera and an ability to follow instructions are also necessary.

Previous acting experience is not mandatory but could be an added advantage. For groups of friends applying together, they should be ideally constituted of three to five members with similar regional backgrounds.

Compensation Structure

The payment will be competitive and the details will be shared upon application approval. Additionally, travel-related expenses will also be covered in case the shooting location is outside the local area of the participant.

Applying for the Opportunity

To apply for this exciting journey, interested candidates can join Project Casting. This platform offers a multitude of job openings in the industry that one can apply to at any time.

Promoting Regional Accents in Entertainment

This unique social media campaign seems to be an interesting platform for casting rising talent across the UK. Leveraging these diverse regional accents will help produce engaging content, and also spreads awareness about the lesser-known aspects of various UK cultures.

Stories in Other Casting Calls

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For more details, visit Project Casting Blog.


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