UK Casting Call: Teen Cyclists Needed for Major Social Media Commercial

In a highly exciting opportunity, casting directors across the United Kingdom are on the lookout for talented teen cyclists to feature in an upcoming commercial. The advertisement, designed for a well-known and established social media platform, is centered around capturing the spirit of friendship and the joy of cycling – two elements that are synonymous with the target age group.

Attendees Sought for Exciting Commercial Featuring Cycling teens

Productions are actively seeking cyclists aged between 16 to 19, providing them with the perfect stage to exhibit their passion, skills, and camaraderie. The aspiring teen cyclists will be involved in picturesque outdoor settings, portraying a group of friends engaged in various cycling activities.

Active Involvement across All Stages

Participation in this exciting venture extends beyond mere cycling. Teenagers will be expected to interact with other cast members and stick to scripted scenarios. They will also need to attend all rehearsals and shooting dates diligently, working collaboratively with the director, crew members, and other participants to bring the script to life. Maintaining a positive and professional demeanor while on set is of utmost importance in achieving a seamless and successful shoot.

Who is Eligible?

Applicants must be aged between 16 to 19 at the time of shooting. Experience in cycling and the ability to comfortably ride a bicycle for extended periods is a crucial requirement. Since teamwork is a fundamental component of this project, solid communication skills and the ability to interact naturally with peers will be considered significant assets.

Availability for travel and shooting holds pivotal importance. Dates and locations will be communicated later. Aspirants below 18 years have to secure consent from a parent or guardian before participating.

A Worthwhile Opportunity

The teenagers selected will not only receive comprehensive exposure but will also be duly compensated for their efforts. Specific details regarding compensation will be provided shortly after the selection process is completed. Additionally, travel expenses and accommodations, if needed, will be covered by the relevant production team.

Getting Cast in Future Projects

The world of entertainment continuously offers a plethora of opportunities for aspiring talents. Helping these talents connect with the right employment opportunities is part of our commitment. If you look forward to starring in Netflix’s hit series ‘Cobra Kai’ or ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2, stay tuned for future casting calls. There’s also a lucrative contract open for Wyndham Resort Commercial with a compensation rate of $1500.

Apply Today

If you fit into the eligibility criteria and exhibit the required enthusiasm for participating in this project, don’t miss this golden opportunity. Join Project Casting today to apply for this job and get updates on future casting calls.

This is a significant step in boosting your career and sharing your passion for cycling and acting with a global audience through a reputable social media platform. Your ride to fame could start right here. So, get set, and gear up for this thrilling journey!

Who said cycling cannot take you places? This might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, so make sure you give it a shot.

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