Unveiling Al Pacino’s Strained Relationship with William Friedkin Over ‘Cruising’

Hollywood icon Al Pacino, celebrated for roles in classics like ‘The Godfather’ has seen his fair share of ups and downs during his five-decade career. One such down moment was his fall-out with eminent director William Friedkin, renowned for ‘The Exorcist’, during the filming of ‘Cruising’ in the 1980s. The relationship between Pacino and Friedkin proved to be bumpier than expected, leading to a highly publicized feud.

Behind-the-scenes Drama in ‘Cruising’

‘Crusing’, a film adapted from Gerald Walker’s novel, explores a cop going undercover to investigate serial murders within the New York gay community. It was surrounded by controversy from the get-go. Reasons include its bold portrayal of the gay community and explicit content which led to public protests. Notably, around a thousand people reportedly marched against the movie in 1979.

However, the conflict that brewed behind-the-scenes between Pacino and Friedkin proved to be an even bigger issue. Post-release, Friedkin often openly expressed his displeasure with Pacino.

Friedkin’s Criticism of Pacino

Further pouring fuel into the fire was Friedkin’s interview with Far Out Magazine. Here, he unapologetically slammed Pacino’s lack of preparation and commitment and compared him unfavorably to Tommy Lee Jones. Friedkin also highlighted Pacino’s lackadaisical attitude during the shoot, citing his frequent late arrivals and seeming ignorance of daily briefings in another chat with The Wrap in 2013.

Admitting to their strained relationship, Friedkin recognized Pacino’s skillful performance but the grievances from their shared stint were too grave to put aside.

Box Office and Critical Reception of ‘Cruising’

The controversy-laden ‘Cruising’ failed to make a mark at the box office. It netted a mere $19.8 million despite a budget of $11 million. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has garnered mixed reviews, with a middling approval rating of 51%.

How Acceptable is ‘Cruising’ in Today’s Society?

In today’s world, where cultural sensitivity is paramount, the explicit content and depiction of the gay community in ‘Cruising’ would likely raise many eyebrows. Despite this, the film is currently accessible on Apple TV.

The strained relationship between Pacino and Friedkin during the making of ‘Cruising’ underscores the potential conflicts that bold storytelling can cause among strong personalities in Hollywood. It acts as a mirror reflecting professional ethics and behavior within the industry.

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In conclusion, the infamous feud between Pacino and Friedkin serves as a titillating chapter in Hollywood history. It offers a stark reminder of the potential consequences when creative ideals clash. On a broader scale, it propounds lessons about professional diligence, personal responsibility, and respectful collaborations.

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