Alleged Set Feud Between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Fact or Fiction?

Key Takeaways:
– Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson reportedly had a serious confrontation over Johnson’s constant tardiness on the “Red Notice” set.
– Amazon MGM Studios has issued a statement dismissing these allegations as “ridiculous and false.”
– Insiders claim this spat led to a period when the two stars did not communicate for years.
– The situation has significantly improved, with reports of a more favorable working relationship between the two.
– Unusual rumors have also circulated about Johnson’s on-set behavior, including claims of lateness for events and odd restroom habits.

Headline News:

Rumors of an alleged fallout between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surfaced recently. The argument, which supposedly occurred during the filming of Netflix hit “Red Notice,” was initially reported by The Wrap and has raised eyebrows among fans.

The Story Unraveling

As reported by sources to The Wrap, Canadian star Ryan Reynolds and wrestling-hero-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson allegedly engaged in a heated argument amidst filming the action-comedy “Red Notice.” The bone of contention, it appears, was Johnson’s repeated lateness to the set.

Dousing the Flames

Preserving the reputation of their star, Amazon MGM Studios quickly came forward with a statement. They not only dismissed allegations of Johnson’s habitual lateness as untrue but also praised the actor and his production company, Seven Bucks, for their stellar contributions to the studio’s projects, including “Red Notice” and the upcoming “Red One.”

“It’s ridiculous and false to imply that Dwayne’s tardiness has ever affected our productions. We owe the success of ‘Red One’ to his consistent hard work and support,” read an excerpt from the statement.

Stirring the Pot

Adding fuel to the fire were additional claims from anonymous production insiders. Reportedly, there were days when Johnson arrived eight hours late, and the production team had to scramble and rework schedules around his absence. This disarray, they alleged, led to a serious conversation between Reynolds and Johnson, resulting in the latter storming off the set.

The Aftermath and Reconciliation

The conflict, purportedly, did not hinder the remaining shoot, as insiders told TMZ. However, they also assert that the fallout was so severe that Johnson and Reynolds refrained from speaking to each other for years, apart from their professional requirements. The relationship reportedly thawed only recently allowing them to productively work on “Red Notice 2”.

“Any exaggeration of the incident would’ve made filming ‘Red Notice 2’ impossible. However, things are back on track now,” noted TMZ’s sources.

Netflix Peacemaking

Netflix, the platform that hosted “Red Notice,” also expressed support for Johnson: “Dwayne, undeniably, is a consummate professional. ‘Red Notice’, our number one film, wouldn’t have been possible without his contributions.”

Questionable Habits on Set

Despite support from the studios, additional allegations about the “Jumanji” star’s tardiness have surfaced, backed by rather bizarre anecdotes. Stirring more controversy are claims about Johnson resorting to using water bottles instead of toilets while on set, leaving the disposal to his assistants. This supposed conduct has further mystified the public, amplifying speculations about on-set dynamics.

As the story gains traction, global fans await more details, while hoping the beloved acting duo can leave any dissension in the past. Only time will tell if the tale of this legendary tinsel town tiff indeed rings true.


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