Authentic Accents Wanted for International Feature Film in New Zealand

A new opportunity for aspiring actors with accents in New Zealand emerges as an upcoming international feature film launches a nationwide casting call. Actors aged 60 and above who possess an authentic Slavic, Italian, Eastern European, or Russian accent could be the perfect fit.

Casting Call Details

The search is on for actors, models, and talent for scenes filming across New Zealand. To nail the look, directors have a very specific requirement in mind. They are calling upon actors who are 60 years of age or older. Moreover, they should possess an authentic Slavic, Italian, Eastern European, or Russian accent.

Role Requirements

The casting directors have some definitive requirements that the applicants must meet. Besides possessing a genuine accent, applicants must legally be allowed to work in New Zealand. Their availability should entirely match the shooting schedule, including preliminary activities like fittings and rehearsals.

Extra Perks

There is no need for prior acting experience. What drives this unique casting call is the authenticity of the accent combined with an age requirement of 60 or older. It is a remarkable opportunity for those living in New Zealand with a flair for acting and a desire to be on the big screen.

The Process of Applying

The process begins by joining Project Casting, where you can access jobs and apply instantly. This feature film casting call offers an exciting chance to turn dreams into reality. Remember, authenticity is the key when it comes to accents.

What’s On Offer

The job responsibilities include performing role according to the director’s vision and script requirements. Participants will partake in costume fittings and necessary rehearsals. Furthermore, actors must ensure availability for all shooting days without conflicts.

Rewards for Participation

Not only does this exciting role provide an innovative acting opportunity, but it also pays the actors. Selected actors will be given more details about their compensation once they bag the role, a fantastic opportunity for older actors seeking new avenues.

Other Acting Opportunities

Besides this casting call, there are more opportunities for inspiring actors. Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 is now casting in Atlanta, Georgia. Similarly, ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 is filming in New Orleans, Louisiana and looking for talent.

Application Details

The casting call for this international feature film is looking for unique accents from around the world. As such, included in the application process are a testament to a genuine accent, age verification of 60 or above, and proof of full availability and legal eligibility to work in New Zealand.

In Conclusion

This casting call is a great opportunity for New Zealanders aged 60 and above with accents from various regions. It provides a chance for actors to showcase their authentic accents, acting prowess and contribute to an international feature film.

This unique casting call could be a stepping stone to bigger acting roles and a platform to grow from for elderly actors. The authentic accents required will add real diversity to the upcoming film, making it an exciting prospect for viewers.

So if you are eligible and interested, it’s time to apply. Give your dreams a chance to come true and make the most of this unique opportunity in your acting career.

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