Central Casting and SAG-AFTRA Collaboratively Revise Photo Release Policy

Central Casting, renowned for hiring background talent, body doubles, and stand-ins for the film and television industry, has recently revised their photo release policies. This comes following negotiations with the influential Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). It marks a major milestone in managing actors’ images in the entertainment world.

Broad Scope of Original Form

The company, based in Burbank, had a previous photo release policy that was broad-ranging. It granted Central Casting vast liberties over using and distributing performers’ images and recordings. The agreement’s language allowed Central Casting unrestricted access to create, copyright, use, and republish recordings where the talent appeared.

Notably, the performers weren’t required to inspect or approve the finished products. The company had the freedom to use these images in different media without the direct control or payment of the actors involved. This blanket authority stirred some immediate concerns.

Need for Change

The dominating language in its photo release form stirred concerns about the degree of control and privacy it offered to the actors. This call for change led to SAG-AFTRA, which represents actors and other media professionals, advocating for a revision. They pursued changes that would protect the images of their members from unapproved usage.

Negotiating a Turning Point

After fruitful negotiations, Central Casting agreed to refine their photo release form’s language. The revised agreement states that performers’ photos will only be distributed to production companies as part of Central Casting’s services. Additionally, any promotion of these images by Central Casting, whether on their website or printed materials, will now carry a disclaimer. This clarification will state that such use doesn’t reflect an endorsement by the performers.

A Milestone for the Entertainment Industry

This policy update is a turning point for the entertainment industry. It not only gives actors improved control over their images but also sets a new standard for casting agencies in managing talent rights. It has the potential to inspire other agencies to adopt precise and respectful terms on using actors’ images. Further, it aligns with the evolving expectations of privacy and rights in today’s digital age.

The Role of SAG-AFTRA

SAG-AFTRA has proven its commitment to protecting its members’ rights and interests with this critical intervention. Their pursuit for change shines light on their role as crucial mediators between casting agencies and actors. It ensures that the rights of the latter are not overlooked in professional engagements.

Central Casting: A Key Industry Player

As a significant player in the entertainment industry, Central Casting has always extended essential support. The collaboration with SAG-AFTRA to modify these legal terms not only profits union members, it also uplifts ethical standards within the casting process.


In summary, the revised photo release policy agreement between Central Casting and SAG-AFTRA represents a crucial step in advancing actor rights and privacy. It protects performers and promotes a more respectful and transparent process in handling personal images. As the digital age progresses, such proactive adjustments are key in ensuring all parties’ rights and contributions are acknowledged and respected in the entertainment industry.

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