Dave & Buster’s Introduces App-Based Wagering for In-Store Arcade Games

Key Takeaways:
– Dave & Buster’s will soon introduce app-based wagers for arcade games.
– The initiative aligns the arcade chain with Lucra, a gamification layer platform.
– The new betting method will provide an opportunity for D&B Rewards members to compete and earn rewards digitally.
– Specific game information, bet sizes, or potential fees are yet to be disclosed.
– The roll-out of the new wagering system is expected in the coming months for players aged 18 and older in 44 states.

The popular arcade restaurant chain, Dave & Buster’s, known for its variety of games and entertainment experiences, has recently revealed an innovative update to their gaming system. It’s a development that will make your arcade play more akin to online gaming — users can now wager on their favorite arcade games using the Dave & Buster’s app.

Collaboration with Lucra

In collaboration with Lucra, a leading ‘gamification layer’ platform, D&B is working on a system that will enable its Rewards members to participate in digital contests, rack up points, and unlock exclusive perks. This new digital integration aims to elevate the roller and beam experience, bringing together friends for some friendly, competitive gaming at Dave & Buster’s.

However, as per Ars Technica, the specifics about what arcade games will be compatible with app-based wagers, the limits on bids, and potential fees have not yet been unveiled by either Dave & Buster’s or Lucra.

Roll-Out Plans

As reported by CNBC, the rollout of the wagering system is set to launch in the following months. The system will cater to gamers aged 18 years and over in 44 states. Games like Skee-Ball and Hot Shots Basketball are likely to be part of the new system, allowing gamers to challenge their friends directly from their D&B app.

Lucra’s webpage describes the integration as an opportunity to enhance social connectivity and boost friendly competition. The implication here is that gamers might soon be challenging friends in their vicinity, leading to fun-filled nights packed with excitement and friendly rivalry.

Reviving the Arcade Experience

The arcade culture of the ’70s and ’80s was characterized by the frenzied dropping of quarters into machines and scores flickering on screens. To relive that era, Dave & Buster’s introduced redemption games where players could wager their money to win virtual tickets. These could then be traded for prizes at the rewards counter.

The upcoming app-based wagering will possibly bring an element of this historic arcade gaming culture into the digital world, giving it a modern twist. It’s an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts, one that will potentially transform the ways in which they engage with indoor games at their favorite Dave & Buster’s locations.

Ensuring Responsible Gaming

With developments such as this, it’s important for companies like Dave & Buster’s to emphasize responsible gaming. While the new system will no doubt introduce a new level of enjoyment, responsible gaming policies should be in place. Appropriate checks and balances need to be established to ensure that the initiative adheres to regulations and maintains the safeguarding of vulnerable gamers.

With numerous questions still unanswered, Dave & Buster’s and Lucra are expected to provide more details about this intriguing new update soon. The announcement has certainly stoked interest among the gaming community, offering a peek into the next phase of digital transformation in the arcade gaming culture. As we await more information, it’s clear that the future of gaming at Dave & Buster’s is set to get even more intriguing.


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