IKEA and COMPLEX Hunt for First-Generation College Students in NYC Casting Call

IKEA, in collaboration with COMPLEX, is launching a distinctive branded campaign in New York City, NY. The multinational home furnishing brand is spotlighting first-generation college students in a highly engaging and inspiring promotional campaign.

Casting Directors Seek Diverse Talent

Casting directors are on the hunt for talented individuals to feature in their New York City filming scenes. The campaign is primarily targeting first-generation college students residing in the city. IKEA and COMPLEX aim to shine a spotlight on the inspiring stories, challenges, and triumphs of these students. The focus is on students who are the first members of their families to attend college.

The directors are seeking diverse and charismatic individuals who are enthusiastic about sharing their unique narratives. This casting call aims to create an impact through these powerful student journeys. Participating individuals will have the chance to contribute significantly to a compelling narrative of perseverance, resilience, and accomplishment.

Involvement and Expectations

Participants will be expected to engage in various campaign shoots. Potential sessions may range from photo shoots to interviews and video recordings. Participants will share their personal experiences and stories connected to being the first in their families to navigate college life.

The selected students will collaborate with the creative team. They’ll aim to authentically represent the spirit and challenges experienced by first-generation college students. This involvement includes attending all scheduled fittings, rehearsals, and production dates as required.

Eligibility and Qualifications

The selection criteria for this project are straightforward. Applicants must be current first-generation college students or recent graduates. Validation may be needed in some instances to verify student or alumni status.

The applicants must be based in New York City and available for all production dates. Moreover, they should be comfortable in front of the camera. Sharing personal stories is integral to the campaign.

No previous modeling or acting experience is necessary. However, a genuine and engaging presence is crucial for consideration. Participants must be 18 years or older. All ethnicities and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Compensation and Exposure

The casting call offers competitive rates for all participating talents. Additional perks, such as transportation and meal allowances, will be provided on all shoot days. Participants will also gain considerable exposure through IKEA and COMPLEX’s broad media and social platforms.

Participants will be at the forefront of a campaign that celebrates educational journeys and diverse voices. It’s a unique opportunity to combine personal experiences, representation, and the pursuit of education in a highly publicized medium.

The casting call is now open! It’s a chance not only for visibility but also to inspire other first-generation college students. May this campaign embolden the aspirations of countless more first-generation students, all while building bridges and breaking down barriers in higher education.

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The world of television and media holds countless possibilities for aspiring talents. For first-generation students looking to make their mark, the IKEA and COMPLEX campaign could be just the launchpad they need. Don’t delay; the casting call awaits!

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