Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton Under Fire: ‘Not a Baseball Player,’ Says WFAN Host

Key Takeaways:

– Radio host Sal Licata criticizes Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton’s performance, labeling him as a liability.
– Yankees’ roster construction deemed problematic.
– Stanton’s physical transformation not delivering expected results.
– Yankees need to deal with Stanton’s hefty contract inherited from the Miami Marlins in 2018.

Following a disappointing 2-0 loss for the New York Yankees to the Baltimore Orioles, WFAN host Sal Licata launched a scathing attack on Yankees’ player Giancarlo Stanton. The incident occurred after Stanton was thrown out at second base from right field, causing catcher Austin Wells to miss a hit.

A Major Problem in the Ranks

Trash-talking the athlete, Licata exclaimed on Audacy, “He’s just not a baseball player. They gotta move on from Stanton…He is a massive problem. He can’t do anything! He is a liability!” His vehement remarks didn’t go unnoticed, as his midday co-host Brandon Tierney concurred about Stanton being a substantial issue and pointed out that the roster construction wasn’t up to par.

Stanton’s One-Dimensional Performance

Stanton has been a player of interest in the Yankees for a while now, particularly after his physical transformation that was a major talking point during Spring Training. His new physique intrigued even former Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who was ready to bet on the under for Stanton’s 2024 home run count.

However, Stanton’s on-field performance seems to contradict this hype. Currently, he has 408 career homers, the most among active players, and has slotted six this year. His current stats, with a .223/.286/.447 line and 16 RBI in 112 plate appearances, don’t seem too glowing but are better than his 2023 records.

Aaron Boone, the manager, had high hopes for the transformed Stanton, expecting him to bring more athleticism to the game. Yet, Stanton continues to be a designated hitter, with all of his 26 games this year in that role. His base running skills have received much attention, although not always for the right reasons, as showcased during an eventful run from second base in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Contractual Predicaments with Stanton

The Yankees are now in a tight spot given Stanton’s underwhelming performance. Contractually, they are tied with Stanton until the end of his 13-year, $325 million deal that was originally signed with the Miami Marlins. Stanton still has four years of this contract remaining, with a no-trade clause. Hence, the Yankees need to navigate the remaining $118 million (partly offset by the Marlins’ contribution of $30 million) and Stanton’s performance.

General Manager Brian Cashman may face challenges if Stanton’s performance doesn’t improve. The team had anticipated a comeback for Stanton in 2024, hoping to avoid such unwelcome deliberations. But just a month into the season, the Stanton issue has already put the Yankees in a tough spot.

Will the Yankees’ management take a bold call about Stanton based on his recent form, or will they continue to back their player? Only time can tell.


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