NBC ‘Found’ Series Looking for Child Photo Double in Atlanta

NBC’s popular series ‘Found’ enters its second season and is currently looking for a minor photo double for a child actor in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting TaylorMade, the casting agency in charge, is charting out suitable plans to draw gifted actors, models, and other talent into this venture.

The Role and What it Entails

The casting call focuses on narrowing down a child photo double similar in appearance to one of the young actors on set. The chosen candidate will be involved in several shooting days, eliminating the necessity for fitting sessions. The goal is to maintain visual continuity in the narrative of the film.

Prospective participants need to take part in filming on the scheduled dates. Close coordination with the director and crew is essential for the portrayal of any scene involving the child actor’s substitute. Over and above, maintaining a professional demeanor on set is a must for all involved. Complete availability over the duration of the scheduled shoot days is incumbent on the chosen candidate.

What Does the Role Demand?

The child actor to be cast is likely to be between 4-7 years old. There are no specific gender or ethnicity requirements for the role. However, physical appearance attributes like dark brown, short-cut hair are essential. Furthermore, a height close to approximately 3’6” and a weight in the region of 39 pounds is desirable. The clothing size specifications include a shirt size of 4T, pants size of 4T, and a toddler shoe size of 10.

Pay Scale for the Role

The compensation falls into two brackets. For children aged between 4-6, a six-hour work day fetches a payment of $175. For participants aged between 7-17, a ten-hour work day also amounts to a compensation of $175.

How to Apply?

To get on board with this opportunity, you need to apply via Project Casting. This platform offers a wide range of acting jobs that potential applicants can explore and apply to instantly.

Don’t Miss these Casting Calls

In addition to the minor photo double role in NBC’s ‘Found’, there are several other noteworthy casting calls. Netflix’s hit series, ‘Cobra Kai’ is now entering its sixth season and is scouting for fresh talent in Atlanta, Georgia.

Another opportunity looming large is the casting call for ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2, filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. ‘Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches’ has already attracted considerable attention and is fast ascending the popularity curves.

Equally compelling is a casting call for the Wyndham Resort commercials, with an exciting pay package of $1500 for the role.

In essence, the entertainment industry is bustling with opportunities for emerging talent. It’s all about taking the right step at the right time to claim your spot under the spotlight. Apply now and explore the world of digital acting and entertainment!

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/nbc-found-season-2-casting-call-for-minor-photo-doubles-in-georgia/


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