Russell Crowe Returns for The Pope’s Exorcist Sequel

Australian actor Russell Crowe is set to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel of the horror film The Pope’s Exorcist. The acclaimed actor, familiar with the horror and mystery genres, has proven his mettle yet again with the first film’s box-office success.

Return of Crowe in The Pope’s Exorcist Sequel

Producer Jeff Katz recently divulged the exciting plans for a sequel on social media. The initial movie, despite garnering a mixed response from critics, scored tremendously at the box office. It earned a noteworthy figure of $77 million against a humble budget of just $18 million.

These numbers highlight the immense popularity of the film and Russell Crowe’s pivotal role as Father Gabriele Amorth. It is this role’s universal appeal that set the stage for an optimistic regarded sequel and further expeditions into Father Amorth’s sphere of exorcism.

Sequel’s Nomenclature Taking a Page from Planet of the Apes

The upcoming sequel to The Pope’s Exorcist apparently draws its titling inspiration from the successful Planet of the Apes franchise. The numbering structure of this series has been applauded by its audience, pushing it to a valuation of $2.1 billion. Katz, in his social media reveal, proposed possible sequel names, with ‘Pray For The Pope’s Exorcist’ and ‘Heaven Help The Pope’s Exorcist’ as top contenders.

Anticipation Climbs for the Sequel

Though Katz has stamped the sequel’s feasibility, the official title and release date remain shrouded in mystery. Speculations suggest that Father Amorth’s sequel storyline will involve an intrigue of novel exorcism challenges. Despite the restrained details, anticipation is escalating among fans.

Years ago, Crowe hinted at the possibility of a plethora of sequels based on the extensive works by Father Gabriele Amorth. This exorcist wrote 12 books on demonology and exorcism, each a potential story for succeeding sequels.

Continuation of Crowe’s Horror Journey

Whilst Crowe’s returning character is brewing buzz, another likely appearance in a horror flick ‘The Exorcism’ on June 7th, 2024 adds to his burgeoning recognition in the genre. This only proves that Crowe’s horror journey is far from reaching its climax.

Final Thoughts

With Crowe bringing his expertise to the sequel and Katz steering the project, the film’s prospects burn bright. Despite eliciting mixed critiques, the box-office victory of The Pope’s Exorcist signals a potent scope for sequels and more spine-chilling stories in the future.

As we eagerly await more details, viewers can enjoy the first installation of The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix. The announcement of Crowe re-emerging in the sequel has unequivocally invigorated his growing fan base, promising suspense and thrills to look forward to in the foreseeable future.


Russell Crowe, famed for his versatility, will revisit his character in The Pope’s Exorcist sequel. Despite the previous film’s mixed reviews, its box-office success establishes anticipation for the upcoming sequel. While awaiting further updates, viewers can catch the original Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix. Russell Crowe’s recurring venture in the horror genre reaffirms his popularity and far-reaching impact on audiences.

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