Aubrey Plaza Takes on Producer Role for ‘Emily The Criminal’ TV Adaptation

Indie gem, ‘Emily the Criminal’ is set for a transition from the silver screen to television. An insider revealed to MovieMaker Magazine, the 2022 Sundance choice movie will now entertain audiences in their living rooms. Aubrey Plaza, who starred in the film, joins as an executive producer for the television adaptation, signaling a major career transition for her.

Dive into the World of ‘Emily the Criminal’

The plot of ‘Emily the Criminal’ centers around protagonist Emily, portrayed by Plaza. Emily turns to a life of crime as a desperate strategy to rid herself of student loan debts. Film director and executive producer, John Patton Ford, returns to provide creative input behind the scenes. Ford who authored and directed the 2022 film will play a pivotal role in the transition of this tale to television. Aubrey Plaza’s notable involvement as a producer via her Evil Hag production house adds star power to the venture.

Plaza Won’t Return as Emily

In a somewhat disappointing turn of events for die-hard fans, Plaza won’t reprise her lead role in the TV series adaptation. The identity of her replacement remains a mystery. The original film version featured Theo Rossi as Youcef, a mysterious figure who lures Emily into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. The extent of his involvement in the series is yet to be unraveled.

The Power Behind the Scenes

Tyler Davidson and Drew Sykes from Low Spark Films return to ensure the film’s original spirit remains intact in the series. They were the force behind the popular 2022 film, which was distributed by Roadside Attractions and Vertical Entertainment.

Aubrey Plaza’s Love for ‘Emily the Criminal’ and Indie Films

In past interviews, Plaza openly expressed admiration for her role in ‘Emily the Criminal’ and complimented director Ford’s focus on rehearsals and actor interaction. Despite pre-production hurdles, her experience on the film sparked a newfound affinity for indie films crafted in a ‘run-and-gun, down-and-dirty style.’ Plaza finds joy not only in the commercial outcome of films but also in the filmmaking process itself.

Plaza’s Acting Career Highlights

Plaza is a known face in the entertainment industry, largely because of her distinctive deadpan humor. Her breakthrough role was as April Ludgate in the hit TV show ‘Parks and Rec.’ Her film portfolio includes successful movies like ‘Black Bear’ (2020), ‘Happiest Season’ (2020), ‘Best Sellers’ (2021), and the recently released ‘Spin Me Round’ (2022).

Plaza recently made waves with her role in HBO’s ‘White Lotus.’ Next, she is set to star in ‘Liarmouth,’ marking director John Waters’ return to filmmaking after a 20-year hiatus. Plaza’s character, Marsha Sprinkle, promises to be as intriguing and unconventional as other roles she has taken on.

In conclusion, the small screen adaptation of ‘Emily the Criminal’ is definitely something to look forward to. With Aubrey Plaza stepping in as an executive producer and an unknown lead actress yet to be announced, anticipation is building. It will be interesting to see how Plaza’s production skills match up to her acting talent and whether the series maintains the original film’s magic.

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