Steelers Expect Leap from Nick Herbig in Sophomore Season.

Key Takeaways:
– The Pittsburgh Steelers could see improvements from second-year edge rusher Nick Herbig.
-Zeroing in on Herbig’s development could reduce the need for the Steelers to add depth to their edge rushing.
-The player has been hard at work on a body transformation that has kept his weight constant but added muscle.
– The team hopes that this will enhance Herbig’s play, helping him build on his rookie year statistics.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Second-Year Leap Hopes

Pittsburgh Steelers were believed to be on the hunt for edge rushing depth this summer. The need, however, seems to be dwindling down, courtesy of their second-year edge rusher, Nick Herbig. Last seen in action by Brian Batko, a journalist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Herbig was noted to have significantly improved physically since last year.

Draped in fresh optimism, fans anticipate Herbig’s thriving role in his second year. Batko expressed his belief that the player’s performance was now more in line with the standards of an NFL edge rusher than it had been in his first year with the team.

The Exit of Golden, The Rise of Herbig

The Steelers signed veteran, Markus Golden, last year as their third outside linebacker. But with Golden’s departure, Batko expects Herbig to assume that prominent role with confidence, given his current readiness.

Herbig made appearances in all the team’s regular-season games and their playoff last season. Despite this, he didn’t exactly get much field time on defense, playing for 191 defensive snaps. He was, however, seen in action for 352 special teams snaps.

Insurance Against Key Players’ Unavailability

The Steelers would see the value of their third edge rusher skyrocket should the irreplaceable duo, T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith, miss any of next season’s games. Regardless of the reason, absence from any regular-season game would significantly set back the Steelers, making an up and ready third edge rusher essential.

Gearing Up For A Successful Season

Herbig has been working hard in the offseason on a body transformation. His goal wasn’t to gain weight, but to change the composition of the weight he already had. He worked towards becoming leaner, saying he shed excess fat that he didn’t need during the last season.

His weight still fluctuates between 235 to 240 pounds. The increase in muscle mass, Steelers hope, will see Herbig’s sophomore year performance leap significantly. In his rookie season, he recorded a combined 27 tackles, out of which he had five tackles for loss, three sacks, and two forced fumbles.

Learning from The Best

T.J. Watt, one of the best in the Steelers’ history, is a great influence on Herbig. Considering the heights Watt has reached in his time with the Steelers, Herbig is undoubtedly learning from the best in forging his path in the NFL.

Herbig’s journey, however, echoes that of many great Steelers edge rushers who’ve shone in the past. The Steelers’ history of landing spectacular players through sheer development is rich with success stories. From L.C. Greenwood, an original member of the Steel Curtain, to James Harrison, second on the team’s all-time sacks list, the Pittsburgh Steelers have always thrived on developing their talent.

In essence, Herbig’s timely rise alleviates the immediate need for edge rushing depth this summer for the Steelers. Should his performance make a significant leap this year, the Steelers are on course to develop yet another outstanding star in Nick Herbig.



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