Exciting UK Casting Call: Female Skaters Wanted for Top Phone Brand Commercial

Are you a young, passionate skateboarder living in the United Kingdom? Here’s your chance to shine on the big screen! A renowned Phone Brand is scouting for skilled female skaters for their upcoming commercial. Take this opportunity to strut your skateboarding stuff and be a part of this magnificent project.

What’s Up for Grabs?

This phone brand is planning to shoot some captivating scenes in the UK. They’re on the lookout for female skaters, aged from 17-19 but looking around 15, who can confidently execute different skateboarding maneuvers on camera. By demonstrating your skills in dynamic and engaging scenes, you can help bring this project to life.

What the Gig Entails

With skateboarding being the primary focus, your duties will lead you to perform various tricks and stunts on camera. The camera loves confidence and energy, so that’s what you should bring forth while skating. Naturally interact with other performers and actively follow the director’s instructions.

Moreover, a positive, cooperative attitude is paramount. Be prepared to be punctual and ready for each shooting day.

Attributes to Success

Notably, this casting call is exclusively for UK-based applicants. You must be a proficient skateboarder capable of nailing tricks and stunts with poise and finesse. Availability is another critical factor for this role. Applicants should be free for the entire shoot, scheduled from June 19 to June 24, 2024.

Cash in on Your Skills

Compensation details are not explicit at this stage. However, once you’re selected for this project, the pay scale and additional benefits will be discussed.

Here’s how to Apply

The first step to this fantastic opportunity is becoming a member of Project Casting. This platform will give you access to this and countless other job opportunities that you can apply for instantly.

Additional Opportunities

If you hunger for more such opportunities, numerous other casting calls are waiting for stars like you. Imagine being in Netflix’s hit show ‘Cobra Kai’? Season 6 is now casting and hiring in Atlanta, Georgia!

Perhaps you’re eager to wield your influence? Well, Miami Swim Week Influencers are currently being recruited in Miami, Florida. Join in on the action by auditioning for various roles!

If a darker narrative appeals to you, Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 is actively looking for cast members. Who knows, you might shine in this refreshingly dark series!

Any one of these opportunities could be the game changer you’re looking for. So, what are you waiting for, skilled female skaters in the UK? Grab your skateboard and apply now for an incredible chance to land a role in a prominent phone brand commercial! Transform your passion into your profession today!

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/phone-brand-commercial-casting-call-for-skaters/


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