Join the Fun: UK Supermarket Film Audition Open for Energetic Kids

If you’ve got a child who loves Fortnite dances and enjoys the limelight, this might just be the news you’ve been waiting to hear! A casting call is out for children to star in scenes for a new supermarket film. It’s not just a shot at fame, but a chance to make some extra cash too.

Spotlight on Sporty, Competitive Kids

Producers are currently on the hunt for children aged between 8 to 10 years who can represent outgoing, sporty, and competitive characters. The idea is to bring to life various scenes in a supermarket-themed film, and your child could be just the star they’re looking for.

Getting into the Role

Performance plays a key role since the chosen talents will need to act out as outgoing, sporty, and competitive kids. It’s all about showing off their fun, vibrant side during the filming of various supermarket scenes.

Interaction is another critical factor. Your child doesn’t need to be a dance sensation, so you don’t have to worry if they haven’t got the moves like Jagger. What they will need, though, is a basic knowledge of Fortnite emotes. Trust me, it’s going to add that extra edge!

Collaboration is the third component. Working with the director and other cast members to create an enticing and high-energy scene is part of the job.

Landing the Role

Before you get your hopes high, let’s talk about the essential requirements. Firstly, age is a factor. The casting call is only for children aged between 8-10 years old.

The personality of your child plays a significant role. Outgoing, sporty, and competitive are traits that the producers are specifically looking for. You know how children are—full of life and loads of energy—exactly what’s needed!

If you’re based within the M25 area of London, good news for you. The location is a criterion to qualify as your child must reside within this area. And lastly, your kid needs to be available for the shoot on July 5th.

With Work Comes Compensation

Let’s talk about the happy part now—the pay! The lucky kids selected will receive £200 per day. Chaperones will also receive £90 per day so you won’t be left out!

In case you’re wondering, the kids will have usage fees amounting to £800. The film will be used indefinitely on platforms like TikTok and Meta, plus there will be two months of paid promotions.

Apply Away

So there you have it! All the details about this exciting opportunity. If you think your child fits the bill, then it’s time to apply now.

Other Exciting Opportunities

In case you are looking for more opportunities, you’ll be glad to know there are several other casting calls happening now.

Fans of ‘Cobra Kai’ might be thrilled to hear that casting for season 6 is currently going on in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, Miami Swim Week is seeking influencers in Miami, Florida. Fans of Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ can try their luck for a part in season 2.

Whether it’s supermarket commercials, hit series auditions, or influencer opportunities, the entertainment world is full of chances just waiting to be grabbed. Be sure to keep an ear open for the latest casting calls.

Who knows? Your big break could be just around the corner!

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