Tampa Bay Buccaneers Collaborate with New Signing amid Gregory’s Legal Battleground

Key Takeaways:

– Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently signed a $5 million 1-year contract with free agent Randy Gregory.
– Gregory was unexcused from attending the first day of mandatory minicamp, to the disappointment of Head Coach Todd Bowles.
– Gregory has a history of struggling with substance abuse, impacting his NFL career significantly.
– He’s now battling legal issues with NFL and the Denver Broncos over fines totaling $532,500 for positive THC tests.
– Despite challenges, his resume includes some impressive performances like a breakout year in 2021 with a career-high 6.0 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.


It seems the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are adjusting to a moment of faith deterioration as Randy Gregory, the team’s latest signing, missed the first day of mandatory minicamp. Even with a $5 million 1-year contract under his belt, Gregory’s no-show raised concerns and triggered disappointment among the team’s management, specifically Todd Bowles, the head coach.

Bowles stated, “It’s disappointing when anyone’s not here but we’ll deal with it,” signaling an unshakeable resilience in the face of the predicament. Despite Gregory’s absence, Bowles emphasized his focus on coaching the committed players.

Gregory and the Legal Tussle

The outsider linebacker is not just dealing with his commitment to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gregory is presently involved in a lawsuit against both the NFL and his former team, the Denver Broncos. The situation stems from fines totaling $532,500 related to positive tests for THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana.

Gregory has argued these charges were discriminatory, as he had a prescription involving synthetic THC to treat social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite his application for a therapeutic use exemption, both the Broncos and the NFL denied him. This puts him at risk of fines amounting to $101,716 if he misses all minicamp days.

Battle with Substance Abuse: Ineludible Past

Gregory’s career has been significantly marred by off-field struggles, including multiple suspensions due to violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The substance abuse saga has seen him miss a number of games and seasons, impacting his professional journey.

However, his return to the Cowboys in 2020 marked a pivotal turn-around resulting in a career-high six sacks and three forced fumbles in 2021; a testament to his talent.

Failed Promises: The Massive Payday with Broncos

When the Denver Broncos offered him a $70 million contract with $28 million guaranteed in March 2022, it was a chance for a fresh start. Yet, a knee injury restricted Gregory to only six games. Moreover, he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in 2023, just before an OT loss to Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LVIII.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hopeful

However, in desperate need of edge rushers after the departure of Shaquil Barrett, two-time Superbowl Champion, the Buccaneers are willing to risk with Gregory. They’ll be hoping he can mirror his breakout year with the Cowboys for them.

As Gregory continues to prove himself in his career, his history of substance abuse shines a light on the evolving landscape of the NFL’s drug policies. His battles, both on and off the field, underscore the resilience needed in the high-pressure, intense world of professional football. His journey will be watched closely as he continues to pursue his career and confront his personal challenges.



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