A Fresh Look at Biden’s Debate Performance – Beyond the Rhetoric and Into the Merits

Creating a Stronger Economy Post COVID-19

Despite a less than stellar debate performance, President Joe Biden’s actions undoubtedly proved his commitment to the American people. His stimulus package during the COVID-19 crisis was the safety net the economy needed. This led to a significant recovery and a resurgence of business confidence.

Decrease in Crime Under Biden’s Leadership

Biden’s leadership also witnessed a decrease in almost every category of crime, making our streets and neighborhoods safer. Whether it was minor offenses or major violent crimes, statistics showed a substantial drop in crime rates during the Biden administration compared to that of former President Donald Trump.

High Corporate Profits and Job Creation

Another remarkable achievement under Biden’s administration is the substantial corporate profit margins. Earnings are higher than ever, which is a clear indication of economic strength. Concurrently, job creation soared, representing an economy that doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

Trump’s Controversial Standpoints

Experience showed that Donald Trump, rather than participating in meaningful debate, was more inclined towards negative rhetoric and echoing misguided viewpoints. His disregard for America’s commitment to Ukraine and insidious misinterpretations of controversial subjects were some of the disappointments of his performance during the debate.

Biden’s Ability to Tackle Global Challenges

Russian aggression, a global problem that had been exacerbated by Trump’s actions, was another area in which Biden’s leadership shone. He confronted this challenge head-on, demonstrating the necessary political courage and autonomy.

Public Sentiment on President Biden

In the aftermath of the debate, several citizens voiced their opinions. Some, like Paul Falabella from Garden City, L.I., questioned whether the public would prefer an experienced politician committed to improving the middle class, or a self-absorbed individual who uses deception as political strategy.

On the other hand, Kevin Dale from Kearny, N.J., expressed discontent at the Democrats rallying around President Biden post the debate, demonstrating the parties’ polarized viewpoints.

Presidential Fitness: Fact or Fiction?

Debate night also sparked concerns about Biden’s cognitive health. However, such theories were debunked with affirmation that Biden was the most mentally fit individual to hold a presidential post.

Election Timing and Candidate Selection

Delores McDonald from Spring Valley, N.Y., proposed the idea of delaying the November election for a year to select more suitable candidates. She highlighted voters’ frustration with the options presented, requesting a rethink on the current political landscape.

Criticisms of Trump’s Views on Late-Term Abortions

The debate saw Trump being criticised for exploiting the tragedy of late-term abortions to score political points. It is a heartbreaking decision that women make due to severe health risks, not a choice made lightly.

Campaign Financing and Political Commitments

Governor Hochul’s sudden reversal on congestion pricing raised questions about the influence of lobbying groups on political decisions. Linda Novenski from Manhattan warned against the potential harm of prioritizing corporate interests over environmental commitments and public transport improvements.

In summary, while Biden’s debate performance was viewed as lackluster, his actual track record shows committed leadership, sound economic decisions and a keen sense of global politics. Thus, it is crucial to judge any political leader not strictly by their debating skills, but by their actions, specifically how they propel the nation towards progress. Biden’s presidency, seen under this lens, shows a leader committed to the well-being of the people and the economic strength of the nation.



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