Birmingham Calls Local Sports Teams for a Grand Filming Event

Hey there sports lovers! Here’s a super exciting opportunity just for you in Birmingham, Alabama. Casting directors are on the hunt for athletic talents, for an upcoming film event on July 19th, 2024. But wait! They are not just looking for anyone and everyone. They want real local sports teams, including players and coaches.

Calling All Players and Coaches in Birmingham

The casting call is open to small groups of players and their coaches. Whether you’re part of an amateur team or playing for the love and passion of any sport, this is an exceptional chance to gain valuable exposure and also help your team financially. Isn’t that an amazing deal?

Veering Away from the Usual

Sounds great, right? What’s more? You won’t find yourself scripted or acting out of character. The filming will capture your genuine sportsman spirit and the actual playing scenes. You’ll be turning your regular practice into a cool movie experience!

Be Part of an Exciting Project

What are the specific requirements? Well, if you fit into any listed category below, don’t hesitate to apply:
– Soccer teams comprising boys or girls aged 8-9, along with their male coach. Even a parent standing in as a coach can make the cut.
– Football teams with boys aged 9-11.
– Baseball squads featuring boys aged 10-12.
– Girl basketball teams aged 8-15, along with their female coach, are also in the radar. Again, a parent can fill the coach’s spot.
– College Football Teams of players aged 18-20. They only need 8 of these.

Your Day in the Limelight

The selected teams’ job? It’s pretty simple. Take part actively in the scenes captured, depicting real sports activities. You also need to follow the directions given by the production squad during the shoot. Remember, maintaining a positive and professional attitude on the set is a crucial point in this exciting journey.

Key Requirements to Get Through

What should you have to make it through? First off, you need to be a group of 8 to 10 enthusiastic players. Secondly, it’s important for you to be local to Birmingham, AL. You must be available for the shooting on July 19th, 2024. Lastly, your coaches can either be actual coaches or parents acting as substitutes. Sounds doable, right?

Sweetening the Deal

Now to the best part – compensation. While what this opportunity offers in exposure and experience seems rewards enough, there’s more. Each selected team will receive a donation — how much? That will be discussed upon selection. But hey, any enhancement to the team’s finances is a win, right?

The Casting Call Beckons

So, if you fit into the aforementioned categories, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply now. Be the face of Birmingham’s local sports team, get in front of a huge audience, and make your city proud!

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For those unfamiliar with the process, landing a role in a project such as this is similar to job hunting. It takes practice and preparation. But with the right steps, you can find success.

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To Sum Up

This is a one-time chance for local sports teams in Birmingham, Alabama to shine in front of the camera, gain exposure and score some donations for their team. The clock is ticking. Grab this opportunity, Birmingham!

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