Calgary Flames A Potential Trade Destination for Nicholas Robertson?

Key Takeaways:

– Disgruntled Toronto Maple Leafs winger Nicholas Robertson may be traded to Calgary Flames.
– Robertson is not interested in re-signing with the Maple Leafs, causing a potential shift in teams.
– Despite Robertson’s request for a trade, Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving is hesitant to let go of this young talent.

Heading into the off-season, the Toronto Maple Leafs find themselves in a tricky situation involving forward Nicholas Robertson. With Rexobertson’s clear dissatisfaction with his current position and his unwillingness to extend his contract, the Maple Leafs may have to consider their options.

Calgary Flames: A Possible Destination?

According to Julian McKenzie of The Athletic, the Calgary Flames are a potential trade partner for Toronto in this scenario. This stance is due to Calgary’s keen interest in infusing their line-up with younger talent. They may consider securing Robertson, who fits right into the Flames’ desired bracket of 18-23 years old.

Trade analysts haven’t ruled out the possibility either. Roberts, they argue, would likely be a fantastic fit with the Flames, given his considerable scoring ability and quick pace on the ice. As McKenzie notes, the critical element is whether Calgary would act on this possibility.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ Dilemma

Robertson currently remains a restricted free agent after the Leafs extended him a qualifying offer. His three-year entry-level contract worth $2.39 million expired earlier this month, creating uncertainty around his future role.

Nick Robertson was clear in his communications with Toronto, expressing his desire for a trade. His intentions came to light shortly before free agency when he requested the Leafs trade his negotiating rights. However, Toronto decided to extend a qualifying offer, keeping his future up in the air.

Nick Robertson’s Track Record

The Leafs picked Robertson in the 2019 NHL draft, and he had 87 regular-season games and 10 postseason appearances with the team. In the 2023-24 season, the winger tallied 35 points, combining regular and post-season games. He reached his peak performance this season, with 14 goals and 13 assists from 56 games. Now, approaching his 23rd birthday in September, he’s keen on a change.

Unfolding Drama

Despite Robertson’s obvious discontentment, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s General Manager, Brad Treliving, still sees him as a vital asset. Treliving noted the player’s frustration and yet maintained that he regarded Robertson as a very capable player potentially offering a lot for the team in future match-ups.

The Maple Leafs’ decision to extend the qualifying offer to Robertson means they retain the right to match any contract offer he receives from other teams. That suggests the Maple Leafs have some hopes that head coach Craig Berube can convince Robertson to stay by offering him more playing time.

Potential Opportunity for Robertson’s Return

Following the exit of Maple Leaf’s Tyler Bertuzzi to the Chicago Blackhawks, a gap in the lineup opens for Robertson, provided he decides to re-sign. Also, if Mitch Marner waives his No-Move Clause, opportunities in Toronto could grow for Robertson. Yet, the question remains: will the Maple Leafs trade Robertson or find a way to keep him in the team?


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