Chicago Bears May Tap Former Raider Hunter Renfrow for Added Depth in Receiver Lineup

Key Takeaways:
– The Chicago Bears could bolster their wide receiver lineup by tapping free agent Hunter Renfrow.
– Renfrow, a former Las Vegas Raiders veteran, has been on the market since being cut for salary-cap savings.
– Though not likely a starter, Renfrow’s experience can serve as a much-needed backup against injuries.
– Given Renfrow’s recent production slump, a cost-effective, one-year contract could be on the table.

Improving Depth: Bears Eyeing Renfrow?

As the 2024 NFL season approaches, the Chicago Bears’ trio of DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, and Rome Odunze are touted as some of the game’s top wide receivers. However, with only veterans Dante Pettis and DeAndre Carter in the backup line, the Bears are pressed to improve depth on the field. Enter former Las Vegas Raiders veteran, Hunter Renfrow.

Renfrow: An Experienced No. 4?

Renfrow, who boasts a career total of 269 catches, certainly possesses the robust experience needed to infuse depth into the Bears’ receiver lineup. His signing would create competition for youngster Tyler Scott in the slot. But it’s not just Renfrow’s catching prowess that makes him a viable option; his experience as a solid returner is another asset.

Despite a slump in performance over the past two seasons, Renfrow could still be valuable in tight, third-down situations. His addition would offer Bears’ rookie quarterback Caleb Williams a reliable option in pivotal moments, a crucial ingredient for success on the field.

Renfrow’s Rookie QB Companion: Caleb Williams

With the Bears keenly intent on setting up Williams for success in 2024, Renfrow’s proven track record offers a reassuring fallback for the rookie QB. If Renfrow still has some of his return ability left in him, this coupling could result in wins by putting him above either Pettis or Carter.

The Financial Factor

Considering the upcoming training season and Renfrow’s dropped productivity in recent years, a cost-effective deal might be on the horizon. A proposed one-year, $3 million contract contingent on playtime or performance is not just a realistic expectation, but also a possible treasure find for the Bears. It’s a financially astute move if they determine the need for added depth.

Trusting The Youth Over Experience?

The other side of the coin for the Bears could be relying on their young, fresh talent. The potency of talents like Scott, DeAndre Carter, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Tyquan Thornton cannot be ignored. The question is whether the coaching staff feels this raw capability would outweigh the seasoned skills of an experienced player like Renfrow.

Cynthia Frelund from NFL Network quoted Ryan Poles saying Tyler Scott reminds him of Tyler Lockett. If this comparison is anything to go by, Scott may prove to be a pivotal asset once groomed under Bears’ new offensive coordinator, Shane Waldron.

Simultaneously, we shouldn’t discard the possibility of an unexpected challenge from Carter who joined the Bears on June 18. The 31-year-old’s 100 career receptions make him an experienced contender, especially if he manages to lock down a return specialist role.

In Conclusion

The Bears have a cluster of decisions to make before the upcoming 2024 NFL season. Opting for experience or trusting the youth, strengthening the starting trio or beefing up the backups – the choices made now will shape the season’s success. One thing remains clear: extending their receiver lineup depth is pivotal. With his experience and proven track record, Hunter Renfrow certainly stands as an attention-worthy contender for this coveted slot.


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