Cleveland Browns May Swap Amari Cooper for Pro Tackle Tyron Smith

Key Takeaways:

– The Cleveland Browns are considering an upgrade of their offensive tackle position before the start of the 2024 season as they look to better protect their major investment, Deshaun Watson.
– A proposed three-team trade could see the Browns acquire All-Pro Left Tackle Tyron Smith and a third-round pick from the New York Jets in exchange for Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Amari Cooper.
– Injury issues and inconsistent performance have plagued the Cleveland tackles during the previous season.

Offensive Tackle: The Key to Protecting Recent Investment

Following their massive investment in quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns’ top agenda should be his protection. However, they are facing considerable uncertainties in the role of offensive tackle. The success of their investment largely hinges upon providing Watson with a strong offensive line, which ideally should include high-performance left tackles – a position, however, that is not easy to fill from free agent and trade markets.

Potential Gamechanger Trade Proposed

Good quality left tackles may not be easy to come by, but Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report recently proposed an exciting three-team exchange. The trade would potentially see Cleveland Browns sending out Whole Pro Wide Receiver Amari Cooper to the New York Jets while receiving left tackle Pro Tyron Smith and a third-round selection. All three players, having enjoyed successful careers, make this proposal a significant one.

However, the proposal doesn’t ignore Cooper’s displeasure with his present contract, an aspect working in the Browns’ favor. With the Pro Bowl wide receiver seeking a new contract and absent from mandatory minicamp, a trade may be on the cards.

Wounded Lions: Issues with Brown’s Current Tackles

The last season was fraught with injuries for offensive tackles Jedrick Wills Jr, Jack Conklin, and Dawand Jones. Collectively, they played in less than half of the regular games over the past three seasons due to various injuries. This issue combined with declining performance, especially in Wills Jr., provides a clear indication of why the Browns are on the lookout for a stable solution like Smith.

Tyron Smith: The Potential Saviour

Tyron Smith is no stranger to the offensive tackle role. With a long and successful 13-year career under his belt, he boasts an impressive track record, including five All-Pro positions and eight Pro Bowl appearances. With an excellent fourth-ranking among 81 offensive tackles last season by PFF, Smith brings considerable current prowess on board.

The only concern has been Smith’s durability, given his recent history of missed games due to injuries. Yet, with 15 of 17 games completed in the last season, Smith could potentially provide a much-needed stability to the Browns’ offensive line.

Impact on Cleveland’s Aerial Attack

The proposed trade, while bolstering the Browns’ defense, will deal a significant blow to their aerial attack. In his two years with Cleveland, Cooper has delivered 150 receptions, clocking 2,410 receiving yards and scoring 14 touchdowns. His departure will be a significant setback. Nonetheless, the Browns’ promising troop of young wideouts may soften this blow.

As the 2024 season approaches, the Browns are actively considering strategies to limit the uncertainties at the offensive tackle position. The proposed three-team trade may not only provide the much-needed stability to their offensive line but also become a great spectacle for NFL enthusiasts. Only time will tell if this potential masterstroke will transform into reality.


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