Commanders Eyeing College Football Elite Kelvin Banks Jr. for 2025 Draft

Key Takeaways:

* The Washington Commanders are scouting Texas offensive tackle Kelvin Banks Jr. for the 2025 draft.
* Banks is considered one of college football’s top prospects.
* This recruitment could help strengthen the Commanders’ offensive capabilities.
* Commanders’ current options at left tackle include Cornelius Lucas, Brandon Coleman, and Trent Scott.


As the Washington Commanders gear up for the 2024 season, they face the pressing issue of fortifying their offensive tackle. More specifically, they need to secure the quarterback’s blind side, and that’s where the attention turns towards the exceptional Kelvin Banks Jr., Texas offensive tackle.

Scouting Prospects on the Field

ESPN’s Matt Miller spots a potential solution for the Commanders. In his 2025 mock draft released on July 2, he placed Banks Jr. as the team’s overall fifth pick. If the draft were happening immediately, the Commanders would definitely be looking for a reliable left tackle and an edge rusher, notes Miller.

The move is significant considering the need to guard quarterback Jayden Daniels better. After allowing a whopping 65 sacks last season, Washington knows some smart choices are in order. Banks represents the perfect left tackle with his solid 324-pound frame. What’s even more impressive is his record of conceding just two sacks in a two-season start for the Longhorns – promising news for the Washington Commanders.

Kelvin Banks Jr. – A Rising Star

Banks’ entry to the NFL draft is no surprise. He’s been tipped for a first-round pick since his senior season at Summer Creek High School in Houston. In 2021, he scooped up the Class 6A-District 21 Offensive MVP, almost unheard of for an offensive lineman.

As per Gabe Brooks, 247Sports recruiting analyst, Banks’ versatility provides excellent roster value. The 6-foot-4, 324-pounder begun at left tackle as a true freshman and hasn’t looked back. He’s marked 27 consecutive games and twice taken All-Big 12 selection. Not to mention, Banks played a pivotal role in the 2023 team’s College Football Playoff debut.

The Current Lineup at Washington

The Commanders’ current lineup includes Cornelius Lucas, rookie Brandon Coleman and Trent Scott. Lucas, a longstanding player, has started 37 of his 49 career games since 2020. Scott, on the other hand, has started 22 games across six seasons for different teams, including two for the Commanders in 2023. The latest addition, Coleman, is a 6-foot-4, 313-pound player picked in the third round from TCU in 2024.

The pressure is intense for the team after allowing a franchise-high 65 sacks last season. ESPN’s John Keim reported that the team has continued to make changes to its line following the disaster. Tackling these issues in training camp seems to be their best bet.

As anticipation for the 2025 draft builds, eyes are on the Washington Commanders. Tracking who will protect their prized quarterback Jayden Daniels remains one of the biggest questions. If they play their 2025 draft card right, they could gain a strong asset in Kelvin Banks Jr., potentially transforming their offensive tackle performance significantly.


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