Dak Prescott’s Foot Injury Raises Concerns amid Contract Negotiations With Dallas Cowboys

Key takeaways:

– Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, was seen in a foot brace hinting at a possible injury.
– Insider sources confirm Prescott’s foot injury is minor and doesn’t pose a significant risk to his preseason preparations.
– The Cowboys and Prescott are yet to agree on a long-term contract extension. The quarterback’s market value appears set for a four-year, $212 million deal.
– The potential for Prescott, Trey Lance, and Cooper Rush to all be free agents next offseason.


The Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Dak Prescott, has recently been photographed in a walking boot. Amid ongoing contract negotiations between Prescott and the Cowboys, this has sparked conversations about the player’s fitness.

Dak Prescott Sighted in Walking Boot

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman recently shared a photograph of Prescott walking with a boot on his right foot. Observers, including fans and commentators alike, swiftly got on the case, leading to various speculations and theories about the Dak’s physical condition.

Reports Confirm Minor Foot Injury

Crowd chatter and speculation only grew louder until NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport shed some understandble light on the situation. In a statement made on July 4, 2024, Rapoport confirmed that the star player is dealing with a minor foot sprain. According to him, this injury should not affect Prescott’s 2024 preseason preparation significantly. This message caringly came as a relief to the fans worried about Prescott’s appearance in a walking boot just weeks away from training camp.

DallasCowboys.com’s Nick Harris also asserted that Prescott’s injury is not of serious concern. However, he agreed that seeing the Cowboys’ star quarterback in a foot brace less than a month before the beginning of the training camp does not bring much assurance for supporters.

Prescott Consoles Worried Fans

In an attempt to calm the fretted fans, the star quarterback brushed off concerns about his health. He explained to Clarence Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he has been wearing the boot as a precautionary measure while fishing, particularly after sustaining a season-ending ankle injury in 2020. Despite remaining generally unscathed in recent years, Prescott’s previous track record of injuries has been the cause of worry for many fans and commentators.

Prescott’s Contract Debacle Continues

While Prescott’s physical health is under the spotlight, behind the scenes, he is engaged in a contract stand-off with the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott is currently in the final season of a four-year, $160 million contract, and as the negotiations continue, no decision has been reached upon a long-term contract extension.

If no new contract is agreed upon, Prescott will be an unrestricted free agent in 2025 with no-trade and no-franchise tags in his deal. Data from Spotract suggests that his market value for a new contract could be a four-year, $212 million deal. Thus, all signs indicate Prescott is looking at a significant financial uplift.

Free Agency Speculations

Moreover, if things remain as they are, Prescott, along with Trey Lance, and Cooper Rush could all become free agents next offseason. Jon Machota of The Athletic remains optimistic about a resolution in the Prescott-Dallas dispute. He believes that Prescott and Dallas will eventually reach an agreement, thus putting to rest one of the biggest NFL stories of the season.

In conclusion, while Prescott’s minor foot injury and his contract negotiations may raise eyebrows, it appears that these are merely roadblocks rather than endpoint barriers. Whether these scenarios will affect the Cowboys’ performance in the 2024 season remains to be seen. However, the assumption that holds the most credence suggests that all the current issues will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction before the season hits its stride.


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