Deadpool 3 Brings A New Twist in Wade and Vanessa’s Love Life

Deadpool 3 Shocker: Vanessa Bounces Back

Hey there Marvel fans! Guess what? Deadpool & Wolverine, also popular as Deadpool 3, has some massive surprises in store for you. Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) and his love Vanessa are no longer a pair. Yes, you read that right! After a romantic ride in the earlier parts, their bond faces a dramatic twist. What’s even more surprising is that Vanessa, who died in Deadpool 2, comes back to life after six years.

Revival of Vanessa in Deadpool 3: What’s The Buzz?

All Marvel fans know how chilling and exciting these movies can be. Deadpool and Wolverine are no different. The storyline picks up after a cool six-year gap from where Deadpool 2 ended. So, our witty hero Wade (played by the dashing Ryan Reynolds) is living a different life without Vanessa. But wait! He celebrates his birthday with Vanessa, who was thought to be dead. Exciting, isn’t it?

The chemistry between Wade and Vanessa caught everyone’s attention in the first film. Their relationship faced a sudden end when Vanessa tragically died in Deadpool 2. But hold on! At the end of the film, Wade uses time travel to dunk Vanessa’s death, creating a slim chance of her existence in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool Maneuvers Dual Marvel Universes

Deadpool 3 can be quite a maze, especially with the cameos that navigate through two timelines in the Marvel universe. Deadpool is a new recruit in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe in the next film. However, parts of the storyline also dwell in Fox’s Marvel universe before Deadpool’s transition to Disney.

Shawn Levy, the gritty director, confirmed in an interview that Deadpool 3 is set six years after Deadpool 2. He spills the beans on Wade’s current status, hinting at a rocky road ahead. Vanessa appears to have moved on and found a new partner. Wade, on the other hand, is seen struggling in his new life as a car salesman. Sounds intriguing, right?

Fan Theories and Excitement: Deadpool 3

Fans let out their mixed feelings as they discussed Vanessa’s unexpected comeback on social media. Many were puzzled about how Vanessa survived post-death in Deadpool 2, while some fans were sad about the couple’s split. This led to several fan theories speculating Deadpool’s forthcoming storyline and its place in comic history.

Morena Baccarin Spills Some Beans on Vanessa’s Role?

Morena Baccarin, the actress who brings Vanessa to life, had a chat with Screen Rant about the film. She hinted at a fresh start for her character’s relationship with Wade. Baccarin looked thrilled about their evolving bond. Even though they are not in a relationship anymore, you can still feel the strong connection between them.

What Next in Deadpool 3?

As everyone’s waiting with bated breath, Deadpool 3 is set to bang on screens on July 26, 2024. The star-studded cast promises to entertain, with Hugh Jackman back in his hat as Wolverine. The film offers a blended cocktail of action, drama, and romance. So, buckle up and get ready to witness an incredible love saga between Deadpool and Vanessa, rekindling old sparks!

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